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Dr Farah Alam-Mirza is a local GP at Evergreen Surgery in Edmonton
Dr Farah Alam-Mirza is a local GP at Evergreen Surgery in Edmonton

Dr Farah Alam-Mirza has written a series of advice books for children

In my work as a local GP in Edmonton I often see parents worried about their children; some are fussy eaters and need advice on healthy eating, some need help with hygiene or other things.

Eventually I realised that parents would benefit from a series of books covering these topics and, because I communicate with children every day, my professional background could help me to write them.

I have now published an interactive series of information books in story format, with colourful illustrations, on common minor health problems in children. The text has been written with the young child in mind, so they can understand it easily, and the stories are from everyday life.

For example, in Achoo the children are at a superhero party, but one of them has a cold and he keeps coughing and sneezing all over the other children without using a tissue. The latest book out is Brush Your Teeth,in which children go out trick and treating for Halloween but collect lots of sweets and get toothache because they didn’t brush their teeth – the story ends with a visit to the dentist!

These books are for teachers and parents to share with young children, to empower both the child and adult with health-related knowledge in a fun and engaging way. The colourful pictures are designed to engage young children, and there are questions at the end to recap the main message. The health advice in the books is the same as the practical advice that I give to parents and children in my work as a GP every day.

As well as doctors, other healthcare professionals such as dentists and pharmacists have been featured, and characters in forthcoming books will include an optician, nurse practitioner and dietitian as well. I hope these books will be useful in primary schools, nurseries and libraries – and will make a great present too!

Dr Alam-Mirza’s book series on children’s health is available to buy now:

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