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The Creator is a former pupil of Hazelwood Primary School
The Creator is a former pupil of Hazelwood Primary School

An introduction to teenage musician and YouTuber, The Creator

Some people know me as Levent Tanritanir, others know me as Maddox Ocean. But I am neither of those people. I am just a human trying to work ‘it’ out in Enfield, just like you.

For me, that means music. I grew up in a small flat near the first school I went to, Hazelwood Primary, and life was okay. Music has always been a big part of my life ever since I was young but it hasn’t always been everything. It was when I went through a series of mental breakdowns when I was 16 that I realised my true purpose in life.

Growing up I was happy. From the orchestral workshops I attended with Enfield Music Service to my amazing music teachers, Alison Yates and Cathy Halpern, there are so many great opportunities and people to learn from in Enfield that I feel very fortunate to have grown up here. I went from Hazelwood straight to Purcell Music School in Hertfordshire, which I found very restraining and unsupportive – and not for me.

But let’s talk about the future. You should care for my work now rather than later because I have something to say, I have a vision, and I am going to bring about the future. I believe that people have forgotten that this world is as much theirs as anyone else’s and that they do have the full

power to do anything they want to. Of course, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, and not every choice that we have in our hands is good for us or everyone else.

But I believe it is a point that has to be made, to never forget where we come from as animals, and that beyond the natural order, we have compiled our own useless and harmful rules that we do not have to obey.

Although I have much more to say, I cannot say it all here, so join me on this journey I have set upon because, as London’s most self-assured artist, I am moving very quickly. I have so much love for anyone who takes the time to listen to my music, so check me out online at the link below or as I hit the streets this summer to perform for the whole of London.

And remember, your life is only a dream away.

The Creator has been named as one of ten shortlisted acts in the 13-18 age category of the Young Songwriter Competition 2020, for his song T.F.A. For more information:

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