Hold a free cancer awareness session

A cancer awareness event held by Healthwatch Enfield
A cancer awareness event held by Healthwatch Enfield, prior to the pandemic

Claire Fisher from Healthwatch Enfield on the opportunities to learn more about cancer

Have you heard the news? We’re running free, yes that’s free cancer awareness sessions throughout September and October, for small groups in Enfield.

While we have all been distracted with coronavirus, cancer doesn’t care, and is still something we need to be vigilant about. It’s important to understand what we can do to help reduce our chances of getting cancer and how to spot it early, so that we can increase our chances of survival if we do get it. This is more relevant now than ever, at a time where we are all a bit more cautious about using health services in fear of coming into contact with Covid-19.

Last year we teamed up with Enfield Council’s ‘Cancer, Let’s Beat it Together’ campaign to help residents learn more about cancer at our workshops. Before coronavirus, 300 local people joined one of our sessions. We are are now running similar sessions online, so that you can continue to learn how to reduce your risk of cancer, why early diagnosis is important, and about screening programmes. There is no need to worry about social distancing as you can join us online from the comfort of your own home or workplace.

Before I became involved in this project I thought I already knew enough about cancer and felt I was doing enough to stay healthy, but I was really surprised at just how much I didn’t know, especially when it came to certain lifestyle risks. I also learned about screening, some common myths, where to get reliable information, and where to get free support to help make appropriate lifestyle changes.

Our sessions last around 30 to 45 minutes and are suitable for community groups, care home staff, social groups, staff training, and more. If you have suitable premises where social distancing can be observed then we are also happy to do a face-to-face session, if you prefer. Our fully-trained team deliver an interactive and engaging presentation and we promise no lengthy Power Point slides!

If you run a community group or belong to one, or if you’re looking for some free training for your staff, then one of our sessions could be ideal for you. Attending this session could save your life or the life of someone you care about. Just talking about cancer helps to raise awareness and save lives.

All you need to do is email or call us and we can have an informal chat about how one of our sessions can work for your group. We need a minimum of five participants for a session and they must have access to a connected computer if you opt for the online sessions.

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