Hoping for an equal education

Sofia Cerchiai

Sofia Cerchiai from Enfield is leading a child-centred educational project

One of the biggest problems presented by the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown was education.

Children could no longer attend school and parents were suddenly tasked with being a teacher on top of their own professions. In short, it was a difficult time for everyone. However, it is often said that necessity is the mother of invention, and this has proved to be true for twelve children who decided to take a stand and change the nature of online education through a new organisation called hope3g.com.

With no funding, they have found themselves state-of-the-art offices in central London, thanks to the generosity of virtual office space provider Halkin, and have teamed up with top legal firms and world-leading accountants. Even Jeff Bezos at Amazon has donated server space to them!

This team of children now have more than 2,000 volunteers helping them; university graduates and professionals who are working hard to make sure the organisation can run smoothly. In its simplest form, hope3g.com is a free, online educational platform that showcases lessons in the form of videos that children watch and learn from.

We have lessons contributed to us from educators, but also from junior athletes, business professionals, and everyone in-between! We believe that one person can’t teach everything, but everyone can teach something. We want to give children across the globe access to world-leading lessons and educational content, thus allowing us to move towards the eradication of educational inequality.

On top of this, our platform allows parents to harmonise their working day with their children, making sure that important Zoom calls can be taken with no interruptions from kids asking how to spell ‘because’ or how to work out a maths problem. It’s a win-win situation!

Ultimately, we want to make this a global initiative with child directors all over the world, but in order to do that we have to reach out and get as many people involved as possible. We would love to have people from Enfield contributing lessons to our platform. Educators are welcome to contribute lessons but we want to stress that they don’t have to be based on traditional subjects. Content can be centred around a hobby, an interest, or even what your job entails! In addition to this, children in Enfield are welcome to come aboard as a child director, and be given the opportunity to pick an area they’re interested in and lead it. We already have children leading web design, human resources, and more.

If you’d like to contribute, donate money, or find out more about what we do then please go to hope3g.com. Your support means that education can become fun, fair, and free!