Joanne McCartney elected to represent Enfield and Haringey at City Hall for sixth term

The veteran Labour politician will be joined on the London Assembly by the Conservative group leader at Enfield Civic Centre

City Hall and (inset) Joanne McCartney
City Hall and (inset) Joanne McCartney

Joanne McCartney has been re-elected to represent Enfield and Haringey boroughs for a sixth consecutive term at City Hall.

The Labour Party candidate has served on the London Assembly since 2004, four years after the body was created, and has long been one of Sadiq Khan’s deputy mayors.

In the vote for the Enfield and Haringey seat, McCartney was a comfortable winner with 47.8% of the vote, well ahead of the Conservative candidate Calum McGillivray on 19.9% and the Green candidate Katie Knight on 16.4%.

The Lib Dem candidate Guy Russo finished a distant fourth on 8.7% and Reform UK candidate Roger Gravett was last with 6.7%.

McCartney’s vote share was 0.5 percentage points down from the 48.3% she won last time out in 2021, but the Conservative vote share fell much more, down 5.9 points. The Greens seemed to benefit from this, gaining 3.4 points in vote share, as did Reform UK with an upswing of 4.6 points. The Lib Dem vote share dropped 1.6 points.

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Joining McCartney on the London Assembly will be the Conservative group leader on Enfield Council, Alessandro Georgiou, as he was elected through the London-wide party list ballot. Georgiou was the fifth candidate on the Tories’ London-wide list and joins existing City Hall Conservative colleagues Susan Hall, Andrew Boff, Shaun Bailey and Emma Best.

Cllr Georgiou said: “I promise to work for all Londoners over the next four years to make sure we have a GLA [Greater London Authority] that works for everyone! I will hold this mayor to account along with my brilliant Conservative assembly colleagues!”

Full results for Enfield and Haringey

  1. MCCARTNEY, Joanne; Labour and Co-operative Party — 78,880 (47.8%)
  2. MCGILLIVRAY, Calum; Conservative and Unionist Party — 32,778 (19.9%)
  3. KNIGHT, Katie; Green Party — 26,956 (16.4%)
  4. RUSSO, Guy; Liberal Democrat Party — 14,284 (8.7%)
  5. GRAVETT, Roger; Reform UK Party — 10,973 (6.7%)

Turnout: 41.34%

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