Small businesses, big impact

Enfield jewellery-maker Zoe White showcases some of her fellow entrepreneurs ahead of Small Business Saturday this month

Enfield entrepreneurs, clockwise from top left; Cheryl-lya Broadfoot; Emma Adams-Tovey; Aileen Kennedy; Mauva Johnson-Jones; Jodie Webber; Liz Sorton
Enfield entrepreneurs, clockwise from top left; Cheryl-lya Broadfoot; Emma Adams-Tovey; Aileen Kennedy; Mauva Johnson-Jones; Jodie Webber; Liz Sorton

There is a world of enterprise behind closed doors in Enfield; thriving businesses that you probably didn’t know existed as you walk by.

There are lots of micro and small businesses that are hidden in homes, industrial estates and down paths. So many people think a business must have a shop front or a big office, but it’s not true. There are hundreds upon hundreds of successful businesses that you would never see, never know that they were in your community, working away.

To coincide with this month’s Small Business Saturday campaign, I wanted to highlight some of Enfield’s hidden gems and give them a chance to introduce themselves. However, with so many thriving enterprises and limited space, what businesses should I highlight? Well I made the decision with a subject that is close to my heart – kindness.

Many people associate business with hard-nosed owners, focused only on making money. While in some cases this is true, and often if people do want to do good they assume they have to launch a charity, it is perfectly possible to have a positive impact in business as well.

Regarding what I do, I create inclusive jewellery to fit everyone’s needs to feel as fabulous as they are, while teaching inclusive workshops for all ages and abilities. I’m all about people feeling happy and doing my best to not harm the environment along the way. I also donate time and creations to charities and community groups.

But it’s not all about me – I want to showcase other hidden businesses in Enfield that make a difference, while still being successful. So I put a call out to Enfield business owners with two questions; how do you make a positive difference, and what advice can you give to other entrepreneurs?

My own bit of advice to any business owner is to be the change to want to see. Follow your path and help others on your way; this way your business will benefit you and your community. Little things have a big impact, and we can all make a difference.

Cheryl-lya Broadfoot, owner of Soul’s Compass Coaching and Consulting

“I support small charities through volunteer management and service set-up consulting, alongside private coaching for women in wellbeing to set up and develop business practices.

“My advice is that proper planning prevents poor performance! Planning is the foundation to meaningful results and successes on your terms.”

Visit soulscompass.net

Emma Adams-Tovey, owner of Togs by Emma

“Being a small business, we love supporting other small businesses, helping provide them with clothing and other branded items so they can look and feel as professional as the bigger companies out there. With all the support that we receive from our customers, it has enabled us to help several smaller Enfield-based charities with their merchandise.

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“My advice to business owners is to look after each other; if you recommend them, they will do the same for you.”

Visit ToGsbyEmma.com

Aileen Kennedy, owner of AK Massage

“For the past 20 years, I’ve been helping to relieve the pain and discomfort of muscular tension caused by a variety of reasons. I’m currently training to teach exercise to the over-60s and plan to offer combined movement and massage sessions in Edmonton and other areas.

“My advice for other businesses is to look at what’s needed in your community and look at how you might be able to address that need.”

Visit akmassage.co.uk

Mauva Johnson-Jones, owner of Precious Counselling and Mentoring

“We offer counselling, mentoring and advocacy services to children, adolescence and adults within the Enfield community and surrounding boroughs. We are currently offering the ‘Back on Track Project’ to support people with counselling, employability, fitness and back massages to improve their personal and overall wellbeing.

“My advice is that advertising and promoting your services is important, so it would be good to know who to approach for free advertising and promotional support.”

Visit preciouscounsellingandmentoring.co.uk

Jodie Webber, author and owner of Bob Marketing

“I’ve recently been delivering reading, writing, and soon mindfulness sessions into Enfield schools.

“My advice is to take opportunities where you can donate your time, products or services doing the things you love – your enthusiasm is infectious and you can really make a difference.”

Visit mysticbunnyboy.com

Liz Sorton, freelance youth coach

“I provide youth mental health first aid courses and run training, coaching and workshops for mentors working with young people, parents of secondary school aged children and young people themselves.

“My advice is to think about your skills, what work you would like to deliver, and start getting involved in the community by attending events; start talking to people in the area to see how you can collaborate and support each other to create a wider society impact together.”

Visit about.me/lizsorton

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