Standing up for Southgate

Conservative Elisa Morreale reflects on her first year as a councillor

Conservative Elisa Morreale was elected to Enfield Civic Centre for the first time in May 2022
Conservative Elisa Morreale was elected to Enfield Civic Centre for the first time in May 2022 (credit Enfield Council)

Myself, Stephanos Ioannou and Chris Joannides were elected almost a year ago to represent Southgate ward. The first year of being a councillor has gone so quickly and, truthfully, it has been more challenging – but also more enjoyable – than I anticipated.

It is so hard to get things done and there are many obstacles for opposition councillors to make the positive changes that residents rightly expect and deserve. For example, I have repeatedly complained to the parking and traffic department regarding the illegal and dangerous parking constantly occurring around Southgate, but I am always told to instruct residents to contact the parking shop for enforcement.

I want long-term, permanent solutions. Myself and my colleagues have made multiple suggestions, but these are always met with more barriers and complications as a result of poor management of the department by the Labour administration. After a year of drawing the council’s attention to the issue and advocating for improvement, very little has changed. However, I am hopeful that we will begin to work with the traffic and transportation team instead, to consider further measures for managing the issue.

We have also begun working on the obvious and significant issue of waste management and cleanliness. This is an issue which has become more prominent since the Labour administration introduced fortnightly bin collections three years ago. But I am looking forward to working with the street cleansing service to find sustainable solutions to these issues and ensure Southgate is always at its most beautiful and presentable.

There also remains the issue of the infamous low-traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs). Unfortunately, while the Conservatives in Enfield made gains at the local election last year, we did not win enough seats to take control of the council. For now, we will communicate the views of local residents and businesses to the council and scrutinise the decisions they make until we win control of the civic centre in 2026 and can finally remove the LTNs once and for all!

With all this said, I have loved every minute of being a councillor and I hope to continue representing residents for a very long time. Myself and my colleagues will adapt to the challenges to make Southgate the very best it can be!

Speaking of which, Southgate Civic District Voice, Enfield Council officers, Transport for London and others did a truly fantastic job of organising a 90th birthday celebration for Southgate Station.

Myself, Cllr Ioannou and Cllr Joannides enjoyed the celebration, particularly singing happy birthday, the informative station tour and seeing the old-fashioned 29 bus! It was really marvellous to celebrate and relish the community spirit. I hope to be involved in many more local events as both a resident and councillor.

Elisa Morreale is one of three Conservative councillors representing Southgate. Get in touch:
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