Taking action

Siar Kanik from Northside Youth and Community Connections on the group’s latest awareness-raising campaign

Northside Youth and Community Connections is a youth-led charity based at Edmonton Green Shopping Centre
NYCC is a youth-led charity based at Edmonton Green Shopping Centre

Founded in 2008, Northside Youth and Community Connections (NYCC) is a youth-led charity that is pioneering a new approach to youth work and providing support to London’s diverse communities.

We have an experienced team of youth workers here to help young people to become more confident, informed and find their passions. We are always trying to raise awareness of other world issues that the wider community may not be aware of at present.

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on 25th November kicked off our ’16 Days of Activism’ campaign against gender-based violence. It finishes on Friday 10th December.

This year we decided to take part and organise our own activism campaign. As part of this we arranged for two spa days for survivors of domestic abuse. The first spa day is taking place on Saturday, 27th November and the second is coming up on Saturday, 4th December. The ladies will be offered hair, make-up, manicure, pedicure, facial and massage services – finishing with a photoshoot! We have also put together some self-defence kits to give them.

During the 16 Days of Activism campaign we will also be using our media branch, Code (Community Outreach Digital Entertainment), to host two podcasts discussing the issue of domestic abuse. Adria Bennett, who is leading the campaign, will be the main panellist alongside our Code staff, who will be sharing their views, opinions and feelings surrounding the issue. This podcast will be uploaded to our YouTube channel, Code Chats.

There are a number of other events taking place and we are planning to join the women’s protest march, Reclaim the Night, on Saturday, 27th November.

We kindly ask for any donations or support that can be offered to help us with our campaign. Anything makes a difference and would be much appreciated.

For more information about NYCC:
Twitter @nycc_london
Visit northsideyouth.co.uk/nycc