Taking pride in Bush Hill Park

Bush Hill Park ward by-election winner Peter Fallart wants to improve the local street scene

Peter Fallart was elected to represent Bush Hill Park for the Conservatives at a by-election in July
Peter Fallart was elected to represent Bush Hill Park for the Conservatives at a by-election in July

Can I begin by thanking the residents of Bush Hill Park for electing me in July. I am proud to join the ward’s existing team of hard-working Conservative councillors; James Hockney and Clare de Silva.

One key concern is the way Enfield’s Labour-run council has allowed the borough’s street scene to deteriorate. As I walk around the ward with my fellow councillors, we find too many broken road signs, dangerous pavements, faulty street lights, and roads in need of repair.

We report problems as we find them, but we shouldn’t have to. Enfield Council should be identifying these problems and acting first, not neglecting them until being chased.

One example of this neglect is the skatepark at the junction of Great Cambridge Road and Church Street. This was allowed to get into a shocking state, strewn with litter, overgrown weeds and offensive graffiti – to name but a few issues. After much badgering by my ward colleague Cllr Hockney, the council cut back the weeds, cleared some litter and removed the graffiti. But the skate park is still in a very poor condition and we will continue to chase the outstanding problems.

Another example is King George’s Field in Delhi Road. For some years, the council has adopted a policy of ‘meadowing’ parts of the field. This has meant not cutting the grass or maintaining those parts of the field; this is badged as ‘promoting nature’, though I suspect cost-cutting is the real reason. Over the years, these unmanaged areas have expanded to large parts of the fields and have become scrubland, full of dog mess and wind-blown rubbish.

The irony to the council refusing to cut the grass to ‘promote nature’ while at the same time planning to build thousands of houses on Green Belt land has not been lost on residents who are understandably fed up with having to live with this eyesore. Frankly they deserve better, and we will continue to push the council to sort this out.

Finally, we have resumed our face-to-face surgeries at Ridge Avenue Library for Bush Hill Park residents to raise issues with us about council services. Please email me if you would like to book an appointment.

Peter Fallart is a councillor representing Bush Hill Park ward, along with James Hockney and Clare de Silva (all Conservative). To get in touch:
[email protected]