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The Enfield Dispatch team
The Enfield Dispatch team; publisher David Floyd, project manager Anna Merryfield, editor James Cracknell, designer Jonathan Duncan

Launched in October 2018, Enfield Dispatch is the borough’s free community newspaper. We offer a platform enabling local people to highlight what matters to them.

The Dispatch is made available to pick up for free at various locations around the borough. It is funded by advertising and membership; all income is spent on the continuing production of the paper. If you would like to help support us please find out more about our membership scheme or consider purchasing an advertisement for your organisation. You are also welcome to write for us about projects you are involved with, campaigns you are running, or events you are organising.

The Dispatch is published by Social Spider Community Interest Company, which also runs north-east London newspapers Tottenham Community Press and Waltham Forest Echo.

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Call 020 8521 7956
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Post Salisbury House, Bury Street West, Enfield N9 9LA
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The following members of Enfield Dispatch support us with a regular donation; Derek Grant, Michael Dickinson, Michael Cole, Brendan O’Brien, Young Notes, Ed Balleny, Natasha Boydell, Elizabeth Crosthwait, Richard Stones, Philip Ridley, Suzanne Beard, Chris Kaufman, Martyn Stogden, Susan Cook, Rupert Price, Meryn Cutler, Andrew Irvine, Seton During, Basil Clarke, John Naughton, Right at Home Enfield, MumSing Choir, Penelope Williams, Lloyd Tew-Cragg, Stephen Hoye, Andrew Warshaw, Anna Crowley, Neil Churchill, Karl Brown, Anthony Fisher, Dan Wright, Residents of Edmonton Green, Kay Heather, Julia Mountain, Excellence in Learning Community, Jerome O’Callaghan, Danilo Barani, Carole Stanley, Mervyn Maggs, Aditya Chakrabortty, Norman Bennett, Vivien Giladi, Greg Andrews, The Old Enfield Charitable Trust, Matt Burn, Enfield URCs, Imani B, Martin Russo, Marilyn Hamilton, Laura Davenport, Ed Poole, Mick Wood, Helen Osman, Ranvir Mallick, Enfield Over 50s Forum. Francis Sealey, Caroline Banks, W A Linton, Covenant Ministries International Worldwide, Joe Hickey, Irene Richards.

Member organisations

Slimming World

The Dispatch was originally launched in October 2018 with support from founding members; Basil Clarke, Stephen Cox, Sarah Dodgson, Chris Lemin, Matilde Valdivieso, Rupert Price.


Enfield Dispatch is a member of IMPRESS: The Independent Monitor of The Press. For more information on our complaints policy and how to make a complaint, click here.