Boost for netball in Broomfield Park

North London Netball League already benefiting from new floodlit courts

Netball players celebrate the opening of new courts in Broomfield Park (credit Enfield Council)
Netball has been played competitively in Broomfield Park for 71 years (credit Enfield Council)

New dual-purpose and floodlit courts have been opened in Palmers Green, for use by both netball and tennis players.

The nine courts at Broomfield Park were renovated by Enfield Council, with additional funding from Sport England and the London Marathon Charitable Trust, and can now be used all year round.

Broomfield Park has hosted North London Netball League (NLNL) since 1950, with 80 teams and more than 1,000 players meeting every year, and the upgrade was seen as vital to keeping the competition in Palmers Green.

Previously, without floodlights, matches could not be played after mid-afternoon in winter, which was having an impact on the competitiveness of the league. The courts are now also available to be booked by anyone for tennis up until 10pm each day.

Elaine Smith-Modu, chair of NLNL, said: “North London Netball League is thoroughly enjoying playing netball on the refurbished courts. The surface is brilliant in all weather conditions.

“The floodlights have ensured the winter matches can be completed and the playing time extended. The lights are providing an opportunity to expand the league and encourage greater participation in a fantastic sport.

“As North London Netball League celebrates its 70th year of netball in Broomfield Park, the new courts will help to secure the sport and ensure netball continues in the park for many more years to come.”

Netball in the UK is mainly a winter sport and the new floodlights will open up further weeknight sporting opportunities, such as the launch of evening back-to-netball sessions for mixed abilities.

Rick Jewell, the council’s cabinet member for environment, said: “The renovation of these courts is more than just cosmetic. The courts are crucial to the survival of the netball league and to the growth of tennis in Enfield.

“In addition, the park – with its orchard, café and vibrant events schedule – is a key area for the local community. It’s a hub that brings people together and is a huge advantage to the local economy.

“The courts are a contributing factor to the ongoing success story of Broomfield Park.”