Doing my bit for Bowes

Yasemin Brett reflects on her 28 years as a local councillor

Yasemin Brett (centre) helping to create a 'bug hotel' in Boundary Fields
Yasemin Brett (centre) helping to create a ‘bug hotel’ in Boundary Fields

Firstly I want to wish all Enfield residents well with the ongoing pandemic and salute the brave efforts of the community in the face of this challenge. I also want to thank residents for electing me in successive elections since 1994, as a Labour representative for their area, and to the Labour Party for putting me forward.

Any achievements have been team efforts. My ward councillor colleagues and l have worked closely to bring improvements to the local area over the years; one notable one being when we fought for, retained and enhanced all green space in Bowes. Our Enfield Council officers deserve our particular praise too for helping us facilitate improvements.

Bowes was a trailblazer for green walls and the image accompanying this piece was taken with residents helping to build a bug hotel over by Boundary Fields.

Serving previously as the borough mayor and in several cabinet positions has been a privilege and the Labour group has put its trust in me, which I have tried to live up to. There have been differences of opinion over the Edmonton incinerator, but I continue to share many of the values of the Labour Party on the need to improve life chances for people.

I feel very sad to say cheerio to our residents and cannot believe I am not knocking on doors before the election, but there is a time and a place for everything. Everyone should have a chance to serve the public. I also feel very saddened that so many of us were separated from one another and thank my former Labour colleagues in Community First for continuing to promote the welfare of Enfield residents.

I am now standing down as a councillor but remain actively engaged with other areas of political life. I would like to thank the press and the many charities and organisations, which have made important contributions to people’s lives, for their support and contributions. I would also like to thank my Conservative colleagues who I have worked alongside in scrutiny committees and other areas of common interest.