Edmonton and Winchmore Hill candidates make their pitch for your vote

All eight people standing for election in the constituency have explained what their priorities are should they win on 4th July

Edmonton and Winchmore Hill is a newly enlarged constituency in the east of the borough, expanded from the previous boundaries to include the affluent areas of Winchmore Hill and Grange Park. With the stark contrast in living standards between east and west, the seat now reflects the wider inequalities of Enfield borough, clearly divided by the A10.

The previous Edmonton constituency had been a safe Labour seat since 1997, with the party winning at least 50% of the vote share at every election after this point and, in 2017, gaining a massive 71%. The addition of two Conservative-leaning wards in the west, however, could allow the Tories to mount more of a challenge this time.

Kate Osamor first won in Edmonton in 2015 and is standing again in the newly-named seat. She was suspended by Labour at the start of the year over comments on Gaza she made in a newsletter about the Holocaust but subsequently apologised and was readmitted to the party in May. Her Conservative challenger is Zoe Huggins, an education consultant. Also standing is bike enthusiast Luke Balnave for the Greens, Tim Martin for the Lib Dems, and Neville Watson for Reform UK. Workers Party candidate Denise Headley recently worked as a radio DJ on LBC, while independent Khalid Sadur is standing as part of a left-wing campaign called Enfield Community Action Group.

Below, all of the eight candidates for Edmonton and Winchmore Hill make a pitch for your vote. They are presented in the order they were received.

Khalid Sadur, independent

I have lived in the constituency since the late 1970s and attended Raynham and Latymer schools locally. Throughout my life, I have always remained local, so am acutely aware of how the area has changed over the years.

The horrific images from the war in Gaza have changed us all. Labour is no longer the refuge of the oppressed and vulnerable. In the UK, working families and those in poverty are being abandoned. At this election we are being asked to vote either for the party of austerity or one which seeks to continue it.

Put simply, we are being asked to choose the lesser of two evils.

With many planning not to vote at all, I founded Enfield Community Action Group, an organisation purposed to provide a voice and a real choice for those who feel disillusioned with politics. We have published nine overarching principles designed to create a more just and fairer society. These include cutting NHS wait times, providing affordable housing, removing the two-child benefit cap and having those with extreme surplus wealth contribute their fair share to our failing public services.

Locally, we need to expand youth groups and provide opportunities for the young. We need to challenge the council over the levels of rubbish we see daily on our streets. Above all, we need a representative who will actively engage with our community on issues such as pollution at the local incinerator, rising crime and low-traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs).

We do not need another figurehead at Westminster.

Tim Martin, Liberal Democrats

I joined the Liberal Democrats because I’m fed up with a political culture that is more interested in seeking someone to blame than finding solutions. People are sick of politics not because they don’t want change, but because they have lost faith in the ability of the system to deliver.

I’ve lived in Enfield for over a decade, and in that time I’ve seen the many problems that afflict our borough, and I’ve been disappointed at how little progress there is. Some areas (such as our hollowed-out high streets and our overwhelmed health service) have even moved backwards. It’s time for a fresh approach.

Edmonton and Winchmore Hill are also affected by the same national and global issues that affect the rest of the UK. Social care will require creative and positive solutions to cope with an ageing population, and the climate crisis urgently needs action. In all these areas, I believe the right way to make progress is to gather motivated people from across our local communities and faithfully represent their interests to the national government.

I believe an MP to represent Edmonton and Winchmore Hill will need two things: the empathy to treat people as individuals and understand their needs, and the analytical skill to connect policy to deliver real change. My experience as a volunteer worker in emotional support and tutoring roles, combined with my professional career as a software engineer gives me what I think is the right combination.

Neville Watson, Reform UK

I am a devoted family man, embracing the roles of husband, father and grandfather with joy and deep pride.

With a rich history in sales, marketing and training, I transitioned into education, where my passion lies in championing the potential of neurodiverse (special educational needs) learners.

As an educator, behaviour and intervention specialist, I am dedicated to creating pathways for success and wellbeing. My expertise extends to life coaching, with a focus on sports and holistic wellness.

My commitment to societal growth is evident in my volunteer work as a community mentor, where I partner with families to navigate life’s challenges. I envision a vibrant, interconnected community where collaboration is the cornerstone; where schools, businesses, faith groups and residents unite to foster educational excellence, wellbeing and meaningful social contributions. I advocate for shared spaces and youth centres that nurture development, supported by a quid pro quo community scheme that embodies mutual aid and solidarity.

My dream is to establish a fully-integrated community care partnership programme, comprising schools and colleges, businesses, faith groups, sports and athletic clubs, gyms and leisure centres, engaged ‘young at heart’ over 50s, proactive parents, charitable organisations, police, accessible community walk-in centres, primary care networks.

This initiative is designed to weave a tapestry of support, empowering every segment of our society.

I stand for pragmatic politics, balancing idealism with realism, and recognising the merit in diverse perspectives. I am an advocate for integrity in political service, believing that true representation intertwines the interests of leaders with those of their constituents.

Luke Balnave, Green Party

Two-party politics continues to fail this country. And it continues to blame the other side at each and every turn. We need a fresh approach, a positive vision of bold solutions. Greens offer just this.

I grew up in Edmonton and Winchmore Hill and now continue to live and work here. By day I work in education and run a social enterprise bike shop in my spare time. I am immensely passionate about this community. I am determined to preserve a richness of opportunities for the next generation.

Whether it is the housing crisis, NHS crisis, cost-of-living or the climate crisis, our policy at the Green Party is solution-designed to ensure we make a step change with these issues – not just tinkering at the edges.

On local issues in Enfield, if elected, I will vehemently campaign against the Labour-backed plans for the destruction of the Green Belt and public park lease-off, both of which threaten a core public health asset. Housing and the scourge of unscrupulous landlords must also be addressed. At the Green Party we will ensure those renting are always on a level playing field.

The Edmonton incinerator rebuild is something I will continue to passionately oppose. I would aim my focus to make sure any new build is held to the highest possible emission and environmental standards. We can do better than simply igniting our waste into the air.

We need decisive action in the UK. Greens will deliver this. Vote Green on 4th July to deliver the change we all need to see.

Yemi Awoloa, Christian People’s Alliance

The Christian People’s Alliance (CPA) merges a business-friendly approach with a deep commitment to social justice and support for the underprivileged. Guided by a distinct political philosophy, the party aims to reshape society through principles that diverge from traditional political labels and align more closely with Christian democratic ideals.

Over the past few years, I think that all the main parties have drifted from a much more basic and important position, ethics, which leads to voters’ apathy. I am seeking to reassure voters that I am a candidate they can trust.

I do not seek to reinvent the idea of Britain as a Christian nation, but I do seek to integrate God’s wisdom and authority into Britain’s lifeblood – she is in desperate need of such a transfusion. I eschew a ‘Big Brother’ approach.

My priorities are unequivocally supporting marriage and family, to restore parental rights over their children’s education, especially regarding religious studies in schools; seeking provision of pro-life pregnancy care services, including provision of accommodation for women at risk of homelessness because of pregnancy, also those with special needs; cutting crime by guaranteeing everyone leaving prison care and support to reduce reoffending and refocussing police priorities back on to real crime instead of ‘thought crime’; saving our city centres by helping shops stay open by getting rid of commercial rates; and I’ll also support making the abduction of dogs a criminal offence.

Vote for me; after all, it’s about time someone listened to you.

Denise Headley, Workers Party

As a community leader, I am clear that winning for the community is at the heart of my campaign bid to become the MP for Edmonton and Winchmore Hill. I am a former Enfield councillor of twelve years and have lived in the constituency for over 20 years.

I have represented and been a vocal supporter on behalf of the people of Edmonton during that time. This has included leading a successful campaign to stop the noxious smells emanating from the then newly-built compost plant in Angel Road. I was also offered a slot on LBC for a year after calling in to Iain Dale to challenge the media’s attitude towards Black Lives Matter.

I am passionate and committed to making the community a better place. The main parties are failing to address problems that really matter to working households, such as the NHS, cost-of-living, Ultra Low Emission Zone and children’s school meals. They are also ignoring the horrific plight of Palestinians in Gaza.

On a local level I am also committed to pledging to secure funding to reopen the Edmonton Leisure Centre, increasing affordable and low-income housing at Meridian Water and advocating for a new youth centre in Edmonton. It is also particularly important to improve access to local GPs and the NHS.

I am local and will always be available to the people of Edmonton and Winchmore Hill. I hope that voters will agree it is time for a change and vote for me on 4th July.

Kate Osamor, Labour and Co-operative Party

I’ve been proud to represent Edmonton for nine years, standing up for my constituents in the face of government neglect. I’m now pleased to welcome Winchmore Hill into the expanded constituency and have been enjoying speaking to residents during the campaign.

My primary concern has always been delivering for local people, which is why I was delighted to back the successful bid for £11.9m of levelling up funding to regenerate Angel Edmonton. However, it is time to stop the ‘begging bowl’ approach to local funding and ensure a more concerted approach.

I have always sought to raise the voices of constituents, whether they are about to be evicted or if concerns about fly-tipping or antisocial behaviour are going unaddressed, and pushing for change. I have campaigned in and outside of parliament about the worsening housing crisis in Enfield which has left homeless families living in B&Bs for months and forced many to relocate to the north.

If re-elected I will continue this work and engage closely with residents regarding the Meridian Water development and the decommissioning of blocks in Edmonton Green and the Shires Estate to ensure good outcomes for local people. An immediate priority for me is also to keep putting pressure on the council to reopen Edmonton Leisure Centre as soon as possible.

I hope to have your vote on 4th July so that we can keep working for a stronger Edmonton and Winchmore Hill.

Zoe Huggins, Conservative Party

I work as a consultant within the education and leadership sector, where I have worked in London supporting the skills reform and delivery of Greater London Authority funds within Edmonton, connecting me to the local area.

My career spans over 24 years, where I have worked in various roles, including in a college, Premier League football, and an environmental charity.

If elected as your MP, I will make my home in the constituency, and as your MP I will always stand up for all residents and businesses. I have seen the failings of the current Labour-run council, and I will challenge these failings for local people.

Vote Zoe Huggins for green spaces and health: opposition to the Labour-run council’s plans for the crematorium on Church Street Recreation Ground, to fight for the reopening of Edmonton Leisure Centre, a vital community asset; to campaign for continued investment into our NHS, including locally for North Middlesex Hospital, and that visitors or patients are not disadvantaged by locally restricted car access and fines.

I am backing drivers by opposing the expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (Ulez), ensuring low-traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) are only implemented if residents are consulted properly and want the schemes; tackling A10 speed racing and supporting the campaign for an average-speed camera network.

I demand better housing and support, ensuring the local council builds more affordable houses and that they habitable. I will hold to account the local Labour-run council when housing should be condemned. I also oppose the Labour-run council’s reduction of council tax support to over 30,000 low-income households.

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