Enfield North candidates make their pitch for your vote

All seven people standing for election in the constituency have explained what their priorities are should they win on 4th July

Enfield North is London’s most northerly constituency, with the M25 forming the northern boundary and the Lea Valley its eastern. To the west can be found most of borough’s Green Belt. The boundary changes introduced for this election have seen the constituency expand into Ponders End, a Labour heartland, and encompass more of the centre of Enfield Town to the south.

The seat was previously marginal and has switched between the Conservatives and Labour several times, most recently in 2015 when Labour’s Joan Ryan won it back from Tory Nick de Bois. Ryan later defected from Labour to the short-lived Change UK, before standing down in 2019. That year’s election saw Labour’s Feryal Clark win the seat with a convincing 51.8% of the vote, while the Conservatives were second on 37.4%.

Clark has become a senior Labour figure in parliament under Keir Starmer’s leadership and, prior to the election, held a number of different shadow minister roles, including for crime and health. Challenging her is Chris Dey, the Conservative group whip at Enfield Civic Centre and a ward councillor for Grange ward. The Liberal Democrats and Greens have typically finished a distant third or fourth in the seat, while Reform UK and the Workers Party will be challenging in Enfield North for the first time. There is also an independent candidate standing as part of a left-wing campaign called Enfield Community Action Group.

Below, each of the seven candidates for Enfield North make a pitch for your vote. They are presented in the order they were received.

Aishat Anifowoshe, Workers Party

I am standing as a candidate because I am dedicated to advocating for the youth and to set the pace for the generations coming.

My big aim with my candidacy is to be able to set the foundation for simply doing the right thing. In my generation and the next the current political example that we are being shown is warped and mortifying.

The Conservative and Labour parties will try to be perceived as an exemplary example and trying to “fix and help” the country when that really is not the case. All they are trying to do is rip away basic human rights from their own people and it is being allowed to happen.

What’s going on in the world today, let alone my own borough, is scary to see. People are struggling with attaining NHS appointments to see specialists. For myself, working in the NHS, I see both perspectives – and it’s saddening.

I also see a vital issue in people accessing affordable and habitable living conditions. I stand for the Workers Party because what our values are and what we stand for should be a set standard for this country and unfortunately it isn’t and that’s what we want to change.

My big aims for the constituency if I do get elected is to make accessing the right support for housing possible and people to be living in suitable conditions, but also using my NHS knowledge to be able to support people in accessing health services a lot quicker than what is happening currently.

Ertan Karpazli, independent

To put it simply, I’m standing as an independent candidate because I believe the residents of Enfield North deserve better than what they’re getting under the current two-party monopoly.

Constituents I’ve spoken to have expressed huge dissatisfaction with both the Tories and Labour. They feel they’re not being listened to and their votes are being taken for granted.

Enfield North is home to some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the whole of the UK. In every election, a have-a-go-hero comes along and promises them heaven on Earth, but all they get is a cheap paint job at best. It’s time for real change, and the way to achieve that is to elect someone who advocates for real change, not more of the same.

This requires someone different, someone unique, perhaps even a little unorthodox, and that’s where I come in. I’m not a politician. I’m a regular person with a nine-to-five job. It’s the first time I’m doing anything like this, and no, I’m not always going to have the answers for everything, but you can be assured that I will do my utmost to find them.

I intend to do that by listening to you, my fellow Enfield residents. Whether it’s increased support for small businesses, better funding of public services and councils, cleaner and safer streets or more employment opportunities for young people, with me as your next MP, you will always have someone fighting for your cause in parliament, not against it.

Chris Dey, Conservative Party

I am no stranger to public service, having served on Enfield Council since May 2018. I was born in Chase Farm Hospital and attended St Andrew’s Primary School in Churchbury Lane, and Bishop Stopford’s Secondary School in Brick Lane.

Enfield is my home and am proud to live in the town where I was born and grew up. In my spare time I volunteer as a cub scout leader with the 4th Enfield Scout Group.

I am passionate about Enfield and have spoken out as a Grange ward councillor against our local Labour-led council and the appalling way they run the borough. In Enfield, we are all paying significantly more in council tax for less services, such as the removal of our weekly bin collections. I am seeking to represent the Enfield North constituency in parliament where, if elected, I will champion Enfield and be a strong voice in Westminster for the issues that affect Enfield.

Three big issues facing Enfield North, are: 1) the proposed destruction of the Green Belt by Labour; 2) the financial impact of Labour; 3) the Labour war on the long-suffering motorist. Only the Conservative Party has pledged to protect the Green Belt. We will also remove the mayor’s horrendous Ultra Low Emission Zone (Ulez) and rip out Labour’s nightmare low-traffic neighbourhoods.

We won’t fix the finances at Enfield Council until 2026, if my colleagues and I win back control. However, there will be more money for local government and other public services with a Conservative government and a sound financial plan.

Guy Russo, Liberal Democrats

I was born and raised in Enfield, where I attended Chace Community School. I worked as a barman in Enfield’s great local pubs for many years, and am now running to be Enfield North’s next member of parliament.

I’m passionate about supporting Enfield’s local economy – and believe that small and medium-sized businesses are the lifeblood of our community. As someone in their late twenties, I am committed to taking steps to tackle the housing crisis, the climate crisis and the cost-of-living crisis.

Growing up in an NHS family, I know how important it is that we invest in our public services and I will always be a strong local champion for us. As someone who has learnt the life stories of so many people in our area, through working in our hospitality industry, I know how upset and frustrated we all are about the state of our country.

In fact, so many people have rightly lost trust in politics altogether. I want to fight for a fair deal that restores our trust that politics has the power to solve the problems we face.

Feryal Clark, Labour Party

It has been a privilege to serve as the MP for Enfield North for over four years. I am honoured to be your Labour candidate for the upcoming general election on Thursday, 4th July.

I have worked hard for our community. I have supported over 18,000 residents and local businesses that have come to me for help.

When our banks closed, I campaigned and secured a banking hub for our community, ensuring residents could access face-to-face services. I supported the successful campaign to keep local rail ticket offices open, saving an essential service for passengers.

As someone who has used Chase Farm Hospital’s urgent care centre and seen first-hand the amazing work the staff do there, I know how important the service is for residents. I successfully fought to return Chase Farm to full-time hours after they were reduced.

But I know our community, like the rest of the country, has a long way to go.

Looking forward, tackling crime and revitalising local healthcare will be two of my top priorities. This starts with genuine neighbourhood policing, one that works with residents to decide local priorities. I will ensure Enfield North gets its fair share of the thousands of extra police officers that Labour is committed to delivering.

Many are struggling to get a GP appointment; this would change under Labour, with a guarantee of an extra two million appointments a year.

I know our community is crying out for change, and I want to be part of the Labour government that can achieve it, getting our country and economy back on track.

Stephen Bird, Reform UK

I was born, grew up and went to school in Enfield. Reform UK has great policies for Enfield and the UK. Some of our best are to raise the personal allowance income limit from £12,570 to £20,000. This will benefit low-paid workers and pensioners. It will make it more worthwhile to work and give more people more control over their lives.

We will reinvigorate the NHS, while always being free at the point of use. Frontline NHS staff pay zero basic rate tax for three years, and we will cut waiting lists by using not-for-profit health providers.

We will have a one in, one out immigration system. If the number of people in the country increases quicker than the number of houses being built, and demand increases quicker than supply, then mortgages and rents will go up to the detriment of everyone in the country now. We need to build the infrastructure before we add to the numbers. Otherwise everyone gets poorer.

There will be no building on the Green Belt in Enfield: we will use the many brownfield sites available and build social housing for those in Enfield that need it.

We want more police and more bobbies on the beat in Enfield. This will mean a more visible deterrent, reducing retail crime and will mean safe streets.

So, if like me you feel the Labour council and Conservative government have made you poorer, then you need to join the revolt.

If you want reform, you must vote Reform!

Isobel Whittaker, Green Party

Consider voting Green this time! Business as usual isn’t working. The Green Party’s recent success in the local elections shows Green is a real option.

Green voices in parliament hold the government to account. Greens have real-life policies to improve your situation instead of lining the pockets of the already super-rich. Real answers for wellbeing, modern energy, clean air, keeping healthcare free, reliable transport, safe food, green spaces and long-term solutions to crime and poverty. Real policies for action on climate change now.

A vote for me is a vote for justice. Greens will pass the benefits of technological advances back to ordinary people instead of making the super-rich even richer, with policies such as warmer homes, universal basic income and the four-day work week.

It’s time for the exploitation to end. Trade must be fair and sustainable as well to ensure justice throughout the supply chain, not only at home. Justice to ensure grown-up solutions to conflict resolution and an end to support for violent regimes and funding the global arms trade which causes so much misery.

The environment is not a side issue, nature is not a ‘nice to have’, if we don’t act fast to keep ecosystems and the planet at the heart of decision-making, we risk climate breakdown. Science fact, not science fiction! The Greens are the only party taking scientists’ warnings seriously, and who will use technology and the latest knowledge to ensure we leave a healthy planet to future generations.

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