Fighting to save the Green Belt

A Enfield RoadWatch stall
Enfield RoadWatch has been campaigning to protect Enfield’s Green Belt land since 2015

Keith Bilton from Enfield RoadWatch wants land protected against development in the Local Plan

Enfield Council’s cabinet member Ahmet Oykener was recently quoted as saying that options for the borough’s Local Plan include “looking at a tiny section – approximately five to seven percent – of Green Belt land and considering whether it may be suitable for quality and affordable homes for families”.

That is a lot of land, approximately double the size of Trent Park. The main area possibly earmarked to fulfil this need is Crews Hill. That has been confirmed in the council’s draft Local Plan document, which is currently out for public consultation, and with the recent purchase by a property developer of Wyevale Garden Centre.

Enfield RoadWatch is a campaign group that began life in 2015 following the production of a feasibility study by Fairview New Homes and the Wren Academy on the possibility of developing the Glebe, a field adjacent to Enfield Road. They wanted to build a new school and more than 300 homes there.

The Glebe is Green Belt land and was deemed by Enfield RoadWatch’s 20,000 supporters as worth saving because of its importance to wildlife, as a green link between Trent Park and Boxers Lake. As our campaign developed it became apparent that the Green Belt not only in Enfield but throughout Britain was under threat and Enfield RoadWatch teamed up with the London branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) to resist and make people aware of this continuous threat.

The council’s draft Local Plan suggests that brownfield land (land that has been previously developed) is in short supply in Enfield. With the help of CPRE London, a detailed study is now being undertaken to identify sufficient land which could be developed and provide the homes necessary to meet all but the highest housing target.

Our message will be conveyed to the council as part of the consultation process, but we need more voices to make them listen and carry out the wishes of the people who live in the borough. We have studied the Local Plan and published a full response on the Enfield RoadWatch website.

This is where we need your help. If you care about keeping Enfield green, please visit the Enfield RoadWatch website for more information and complete the consultation. Let the council know your views about protecting the Green Belt and let’s keep it for our future generations. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

‘Together we are stronger’ is the mantra of Enfield RoadWatch.

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