Going Palmers Green

Councillor Tim Leaver was elected to represent Palmers Green in 2018
Councillor Tim Leaver was elected to represent Palmers Green in 2018

In our latest councillor’s column, Tim Leaver discusses what’s happening in Palmers Green

I’ve lived in Palmers Green since 1995, moving here from Enfield Town where I grew up. I’ve been involved in local campaigns and local politics ever since.

In the 2018 local election I was immensely proud to be elected as a councillor for this ward. Since then what I have learned about local politics is that nothing respects boundaries. While Palmers Green as a community begins where Green Lanes leaves Haringey and includes the Fox Pub, Broomfield Park and Lakes Estate, the ward doesn’t.

Instead, in the world politicians operate in, we are separated by the carefully crafted dotted lines established by the Boundary Commission. But people live and breath their communities. Local politicians need to listen to residents’ views and consider the impacts that wider issues and decisions have on our wards and communities.

At the moment we have the ‘Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood‘ project being discussed, as well as the upcoming low-traffic scheme around Connaught Avenue. This is part of Enfield Council’s borough-wide response to reduce the volume of traffic, reduce the ability of people to ‘rat run’ and improve the environment and safety for all residents. It will have a lasting impact and residents must have their say through engagement and consultation. The schemes must be right for our streets and must have residents’ support. These projects will also contribute to the council’s response to the declared climate emergency.

With the recent general election returning a majority for the Conservative Party at Westminster, we can expect a continuation of the cold-hearted austerity which has seen over half of the council’s grant cut since 2010, squeezing our local services and damaging our communities. Along with the pressure on our NHS, underfunding of our schools and the rise in crime, we now have the renewed fear of a hard Brexit as this government seems set on placing unrealistic timelines on negotiating our trade terms with the EU.

With a strong voice for Enfield from our three Labour MPs, working closely with Enfield councillors, I hope our communities can be defended from the worst excesses of the government that local residents of Enfield have largely rejected.

Tim Leaver represents Palmers Green ward alongside Mary Maguire and Ahmet Oykener (all Labour). Surgeries are held at Palmers Green Library on the first and third Saturday of the month, 10.30am to 12pm.
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