Help keep a beady eye on local crime

PC Neil Rogers
PC Neil Rogers

Police Constable Neil Rogers introduces a new community service for Enfield residents

Are you interested in being part of a local neighbourhood watch – online? Do you want to have a simple and effective line of communication with local police officers and Enfield Council?

Become part of the future of communication between neighbours and police by signing up to Owl, a new dedicated online neighbourhood watch scheme with various different watches that you can be part of within the borough, including CCTV watch, dog watch and canal watch.

CCTV watch is a great scheme to be part of as it gives the police the knowledge of your private security system in case a crime has taken place nearby to you and can be used to help detect crime and get criminals put before court.

Owl also includes a live chat function which can be used by the police on a specified date and time to speak with you, ward by ward, in the comfort of your own home, to discuss any issues you may have.

Owl is a tool that will be used by police on a daily basis and will allow you to be part of the process of catching criminals and helping shape how local police officers police your area.

So why not join your neighbours in making your very own local watch and share your intelligence, concerns and ideas with the police and make Enfield a better place for it!

When signing up, make sure you click on the ‘neighbourhood watch’ tab and not the ‘community messaging’ tab, as this will get you into your watch where you can meet up with neighbours and form a strong community bond which will help with combating crime in your area.

Just to reiterate; this is not replacing the need to report crime over 101 or 999, but is giving your neighbourhood team the power of knowledge which will help in bringing down crime in your area.

Currently, we have 1,210 Enfield residents signed up. Why not join them?

To find out more and to sign up: