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Cllr Georgiou has represented Cockfosters since 2018
Cllr Georgiou has represented Cockfosters since 2018

In our latest councillor’s column, Cockfosters ward member Alessandro Georgiou speaks out against TfL’s car park plans

In Cockfosters we are under threat from Transport for London (TfL) and its disgraceful proposals to replace our well-used car park with four 14-storey tower blocks containing 370 flats.

These proposals not only spell the end for commuters using the park-and-ride provision at Cockfosters Station but also ease of use for those that are disabled or have accessibility issues. In addition to the loss of 400 parking spaces, the residents of the new flats will not have any provision for parking. TfL has clearly illustrated the lack of respect for all of these groups.

Another area of major concern is what the effect of an additional 1,000 people living in Cockfosters will have on our local services. All our schools are oversubscribed, putting additional pressure on parents that currently live in the area. Our local GP surgery also currently has a waiting list, with waiting times of up to two weeks for an appointment. It is all well and good bringing more people into Cockfosters, but TfL clearly does not care about the existing residents.

The buildings themselves are completely out of character with the area. Four huge high-density tower blocks on the edge of the Green Belt and the outstanding Trent Park will be a blight on the beautiful character of Cockfosters and the whole area, ruining the views from miles away. The planners just want to erect concrete towers, to the lowest specification and cost, to maximize their profits – at incalculable cost to the residents of Cockfosters.

Equally upsetting is the way TfL plan to accommodate the 40% of ‘affordable’ rented flats within the development. Those on lower incomes will be segregated into one of the towers, ensuring the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ don’t mix. This in my view is an absolute disgrace.

It is outrageous of TfL to think they can transplant a high-density housing scheme, designed for inner city living, into the middle of a green suburb. We all understand people need homes, but this ‘build them high and build them cheap’ approach is not the way to solve the housing crisis.

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Cllr Georgiou is one of three councillors representing Cockfosters ward, alongside Edward Smith and Elaine Hayward (all Conservative). Surgeries are available by appointment.
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