Hitting the Highlands

Glynis Vince was elected to represent Highlands ward in 2014, having previously represented Grange since 1994
Glynis Vince was elected to represent Highlands ward in 2014, having previously represented Grange since 1994

In our latest councillor’s column, Highlands ward member Glynis Vince discusses the issues faced by residents and her hopes for ending the pandemic

I have been a councillor in Enfield for 26 years and during that time I have seen many changes – sadly, not all for the better.

Highlands ward is having more planning issues at the moment than I have seen for some considerable time, with controversial developments being submitted at Chase Farm Hospital, Windmill Hill and Royal Chace Hotel in The Ridgeway.

Residents are concerned about any developments being proposed on the Green Belt – such as the one previously mooted for the open space in Enfield Road – as well the high-rise development now planned for Enfield Town, which would take away from the character of the historic town centre. There is also concern from residents over a lack of planning enforcement action being taken by Enfield Council.

I and my two ward colleagues work closely with Western Enfield Residents’ Association, which represents people living in Highlands ward, and I regularly attend CAPE meetings (Community Action Partnership in Enfield) with local residents and Met Police officers.

One of my main interests on the council is providing support for vulnerable children and for the last nine years I have sat on the fostering panel, which is one of the most worthwhile and satisfying roles I have ever had. Fostering makes so much difference to the young people involved and our excellent foster carers are doing an amazing job.

During the first lockdown, when the pandemic began last year, I spent a large amount of time calling residents who were shielding, as I was myself. It was very worthwhile. The local community and the council has come together to work for the most vulnerable during this difficult time, and it is also good to see that the most at-risk groups of residents are now being vaccinated. Hopefully all adults will be offered their vaccine within a few months – it’s important that when you are contacted by the NHS that you please make sure you take the vaccination.

This is our route out of the pandemic. There is now light at the end of the tunnel and, if everyone keeps to the rules of staying home and following the rules, Enfield and the country can get back to normal later this year.

Please take care of yourselves and continue to stay safe.

Glynis Vince is one of three councillors representing Highlands ward, along with Joanne Laban and Lee David-Sanders (all Conservative). Ward surgeries are not being held at the current time.
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