Laurence Fox fails to make ballot for London mayor after row over paperwork

The actor-turned-politician previously lost his deposit when running for the top job at City Hall in 2021

Laurence Fox (credit Eoin Brennan via Wikimedia Commons)
Laurence Fox (credit Eoin Brennan via Wikimedia Commons)

Laurence Fox has failed in his latest bid to become London mayor after failing to make the ballot for the election on 2nd May.

In a statement on its website, London Elects stated that the actor-turned-politician’s nomination papers “contained errors” and that it was too late to correct them with the deadline having now passed.

Fox, who leads the right-wing libertarian Reclaim Party, responded on social media to say that the news he wouldn’t be on the ballot for mayor “smells fishy”.

This was Fox’s second bid for mayor after he finished sixth in 2021 with 1.9% of the vote – losing his deposit.

Explaining why he had failed to make the ballot on this occasion, London Elects said in its statement: “The nominations process for Mayor of London candidates opened on 19th March and closed at 4pm on 27th March.

“London Elects encouraged all prospective candidates to contact them within good time to discuss the process and to give advice on the paperwork required. This was made very clear to all who had shown an interest in the nominations process.

“The Reclaim Party candidate’s representatives met with London Elects for the first time on Tuesday 26th March, less than 24 hours before the close of the nominations deadline. At that time, the paperwork was incomplete. 

“Mr Fox’s representatives were advised to ensure that completed forms were submitted well before the Wednesday 4pm statutory deadline.

“The paperwork was submitted very shortly before 4pm.

“Upon inspection, the nomination forms contained errors which – the deadline having passed – were too late for Mr Fox’s team to correct.

“The conclusion of London Elects was that the requirements of the nomination process were not completed by the deadline.

“The greater London returning officer is bound by electoral law and has no ability to allow anything other than fully compliant nominations, submitted by the deadline, to stand.”

Fox responded today (Thursday 28th) on Twitter and said: “Every nomination paper from every borough was oversubscribed and double checked.

“We have written to you repeatedly asking you which nominees are invalid and for what reason. Please can you get back to our team with these perfectly reasonable questions.

“This smells fishy. Happy to be proved wrong.”

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