Creating a new skatepark for Palmers Green

Sixteen-year-old Joseph Wagland is leading a campaign for a new skating facility at Broomfield Park

Members of Broomfield Park Skatepark Group in Palmers Green
Members of Broomfield Park Skatepark Group in Palmers Green, including Joseph Wagland (front, third from right)

I’m a local skater and instigator of the campaign to build a new skatepark in Broomfield Park, Palmers Green.

I am a passionate skater; skating is a fun, exciting and healthy way of meeting people. As a teenager in today’s world, where so much socialising is done online, I feel distant from my peers – there isn’t much to connect us in real life. Skateparks are a great way to bring people together.

At the start of this year we created an online petition to spread awareness about our cause and campaign, which has now been signed by 1,160 people. We also formed Broomfield Park Skatepark Group, and this now has 125 members.

Since my original email to Enfield Council about the idea, we have had meetings about the skatepark with the council roughly every month, and now a feasibility study for the new skatepark is going to be prepared. Through our online group chat, our members are informed about the progress of the skatepark build, have an input on the actual design, and exchange other news of interest to skaters.

British professional skater Tom Knox, who is local to North London, is a member of our group and supports the building of a new skate facility in Broomfield Park. His support is an excellent way for us to raise awareness of, and support, our vision. In addition we have had meetings with the all-important Friends of Broomfield Park, who seem positive and supportive of our project.

There have been numerous skater meet-ups, which allows local skaters in the area to meet each other and form bonds; it mirrors a fraction of what I envision the skatepark could achieve in the future – connecting young people in the local community.

Through meet-ups such as these I have been able to meet and become friends with a few local skaters, and feel less detached from my immediate surroundings. Creating this hub for youth in the area will allow regular meet-ups, which is why I believe a skatepark will be the best move going forward for the younger generation of our community.

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