Working hard in Cockfosters

In our regular councillor’s column, Cllr Edward Smith talks all things Cockfosters

Cllr Edward Smith

Cllr Edward Smith, a Conservative member for Cockfosters ward

Since the local elections in May 2018, a new team of Conservative councillors have represented the residents of Cockfosters ward.

We are all experienced councillors, having represented other wards in the Enfield Southgate constituency in the past. Cockfosters is a very attractive place and we are proud to represent it, but it has some long-standing issues and we are doing our best to tackle them.

Enfield Council can sometimes appear to be a monolithic organisation that doesn’t listen to residents’ concerns. Our role is to identify the relevant council officers concerned, bring problems to their attention and hold them to account.

Residents and residents’ associations have voiced concern about a wide range of issues, such as poorly managed licensed festivals and anti-social raves in Trent Park; traffic congestion and related incidents of selfish driving in adjacent slip roads along Cockfosters Road; speeding vehicles on several roads in the ward; residential over-development that threatens to change the suburban character of the area, such as the planned Black Horse Tower development; and rising incidences of burglary and car-related crime.

We are working closely with Chalk Lane Residents Association, Hadley Wood Association, the rail users group, Friends of Trent Park, and Cockfosters CAPE, to resolve these problems. The Cockfosters Ward Forum has also been reinstated to enable residents to raise their concerns with us face-to-face.

Our next forum has been arranged for Monday 3rd December, from 7.30pm at Christ the King Church in Bramley Road. If you would like to raise any concerns with us, please contact one of us by phone or email.

Cllr Smith is one of three councillors elected to represent Cockfosters, alongside Elaine Hayward and Alessandro Georgiou (all Conservative). Surgeries are available by appointment.

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