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Being the change you want to see

Stuart Lawrence talks to James Cracknell about his new book and upcoming event at Millfield Theatre

Stuart Lawrence
Stuart Lawrence is promoting his first book at Millfield Theatre

The brother of Stephen Lawrence is hoping to “empower young people” with his new book – which he is promoting at an event in Edmonton next month.

Ahead of his talk at Millfield Theatre – ‘An Audience with Stuart Lawrence’ – the author says he wants to “give young people the tools” to overcome negativity in their lives and make a positive difference to society.

Stuart, whose older brother Stephen was murdered in a racist attack in south-east London in 1993, published his first book, Silence Is Not an Option: You Can Impact the World for Change, in April. He told the Dispatch: “It is all about empowering young people to have confidence in themselves and their abilities and give them a sense of empowerment to be the best version of themselves.

“The event at Millfield Theatre is [about] bringing people together and becoming a point of reference. It is about having these discussions.

“In each chapter [of the book] I give some insight into my brother Stephen and we talk about the importance of time and about developing young imaginations, and also personalities and passion.

“Most young people want to know how they can help be part of the process and change and the book is about giving them the tools they need. It doesn’t matter how insignificant they feel – most people want change and we all have that power.”

Stuart works as an educator and motivational speaker and has also been touring local schools in the run-up to the event in co-ordination with Nexus, which is part of Enfield Council’s behaviour support service, as well as young performers from Platinum Performing Arts. The local dance troupe will join Stuart at Millfield Theatre on Monday, 8th November and will be putting on a short show.

Stuart added: “There is a lot of negativity about young people and we want to put something on that is positive. I love the work Platinum is doing to take something that is a passion and turning it into a job for people.”

An Audience with Stuart Lawrence takes place at Millfield Theatre, Silver Street, Edmonton N18 1PJ, on Monday 8th November from 7.30pm. Tickets for adults are £18 and young people £8. To book your tickets:
Call 020 8807 6680