Bringing Enfield together

Jo Johnson on how an online community forum has helped unite the borough

Love Your DoorstepLove Your Doorstep is very excited to be able to work alongside the fantastic new community newspaper Enfield Dispatch.

Many of you will have heard of Love Your Doorstep and the work we’ve been doing across the borough for the past seven years. If you weren’t aware of our backstory, the concept was born when founder Emma Rigby personally witnessed the horror of the 2011 London Riots.

Emma wanted to create a focal point for information sharing and the riots motivated her to set up a Facebook group for Enfield. This was an instant success thanks to the number of like-minded people who wanted to bring back the community spirit to Enfield. In 2012, the Love Your Doorstep website was born.

Seven years on and the online community group on Facebook has close to 24,000 local members, making it the largest online community group in Enfield. Fully moderated by a team day and night, our platform is the perfect place to discuss anything local in ‘real time’.

We put local people in touch with local products and services and support over 650 businesses. We bring together both businesses and individuals, promoting local job opportunities, supporting local charities, solving problems and sharing ideas; all in one spot!

We have witnessed a number of success stories, such as people being reunited with lost pets, people finding their dream job, donations for charity initiatives – the list goes on. Our borough truly is a wonderful place to live. If you want to witness acts of kindness on a daily basis, support a wide range of local businesses, and be a part of an amazing community, join our group and see for yourself!

Love Your Doorstep is holding a Winter Ball at Trent Park Golf Club on Saturday 24th November, in aid of the homeless charity Todos Together. It will be an incredible evening of fundraising for a van to help Todos with its outreach projects.

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