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Claire Fisher from Healthwatch Enfield on proposed changes to orthopaedic operations

Healthwatch Enfield meeting

Healthwatch Enfield recently hosted a meeting to discuss changes to orthopaedic surgeries in north London

Are you a female over 50 years of age? A carer? A disabled person? Have you had gender reassignment surgery?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then please keep on reading as you may be affected by changes to how local surgeries are allocated. Across north London conversations are currently taking place to reduce the number of hospitals providing, for example, hip and knee replacements.

As an Enfield resident, it is likely you had your surgery or are scheduled to have your surgery at North Middlesex University Hospital, Chase Farm Hospital, or the BMI hospitals at Cavell or Kings Oak. If the proposed changes are introduced, it could mean that you may have to travel further for your assessment, surgery and rehabilitation.

Locations have not yet been decided but at Healthwatch Enfield we are actively involving local residents in the conversations about the future of operations such as hip and knee replacements. Want to share your views? Simply go to to tell us what you think.

In case you missed it, North Mid decided not to become a full member of the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust like Chase Farm did back in 2014. After just over two years of deliberations, the board decided there will be no acquisition. North Mid will continue in clinical partnership with the Royal Free. But is this what local people wanted?

At Healthwatch Enfield we heard from more than 200 local residents who were clear that any partnership the hospital considers should bring additional money and resources; while demonstrating how services would be improved for local people. It should also understand the local population’s needs and how to deliver services effectively; guarantee accountability to local people; and demonstrate what additional support would be provided to staff. It seems Royal Free didn’t pass the test.

If you have recently been to hospital or visited a GP, are supported by mental health services, or have received care in your own home, you can tell us if there is anything that works really well or could be improved.

We will either share best practice or get on the case to improve its quality!

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