Domestic abuse charity launches festive song

Staff from Family Based Solutions get in the Christmas spirit with original track Miracle Day

FBS staff performing in the music video for Miracle Day
FBS staff performing in the music video for Miracle Day

The team behind a local charity supporting families to recover from domestic abuse have written and produced their own Christmas song and music video.

Staff at Family Based Solutions (FBS), which is based in Chase Side and supports families where parents or carers have suffered abuse from their children, created the original song Miracle Day and then shot a nativity-themed music video using just a mobile phone, homemade scenery, and outfits from a charity shop.

The song was inspired by the charity’s goal-orientated approach; the ‘miracle day’ is where a focus is placed on imagining what your preferred future would be like and then working towards that future.

The music video features children of FBS staff, who took “great joy” in being involved. Matt Rider, the charity’s lead on primary schools, said: “I wanted to write a song that reflected the best parts of the work we do – helping people see which way they want to go in their lives.

“The ‘miracle day’ question is one of the most powerful questions you can ask a family. Their faces light up when they imagine themselves living their miracle day.”

FBS was founded in 2012 and has since supported more than 800 families experiencing child-to-parent abuse and families recovering from domestic abuse. The charity has recently introduced the family-based relationships service to its existing work, helping adult perpetrators of domestic abuse to recognise and replace abusive behaviours with preferred, safer behaviours. 

Watch the FBS music video for Miracle Day: