Donate a cuppa

Branded coffee mugs will be sent to the first 15 people who sign up to the campaign
Branded coffee mugs will be sent to the first 15 people who sign up to the campaign

An appeal by Lucy McGinn from The Nightingale Cancer Support Centre

Did you know that the average British person drinks 676 cups of coffee per year?

Many of us who are working from home and not making our usual morning commutes are saving as much as £300 a year on coffee alone. So why not donate the cost of one of those coffees to The Nightingale – and help beat Covid-19 loneliness?

For the price of just one take-away coffee per month we can provide a cancer patient and their family with counselling or a friendly chat to support them through their difficult cancer journey and deal with the mental health effects made worse by the pandemic.

Our head of clients services, Fiona Connell, says that since the start of the pandemic she’s seen an increase in the number of clients needing one-to-one support. “Many are dealing with a cancer diagnosis and the mental health effects of long-term isolation caused by the pandemic,” Fiona says.

“Over half of our clients have felt panic, despair and hopelessness about their situation in the last year and we want to change that.”

Those undergoing cancer treatment are classed as extremely vulnerable to Covid-19. With more than half of our clients shielding since the start of lockdown nearly a year ago, we have seen the lasting mental health effects that self-isolating can have. To battle this, at The Nightingale we have regular telephone catch-ups with each and every one of our 300-plus clients – so they know we’re always there for them.

We’ll be sending our branded mug or travel bamboo coffee cup to the first 15 people who sign up to donate £5 per month. But no matter if you donate the cost of a short, tall, grande or venti coffee with us, all donations make a huge and drastic difference to the lives of those affected by cancer.

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