Fighting racism in Enfield

Activists from Enfield Stand Up To Racism attend a rally in support of the Stanstead 16, a group that blocked a deportation flight
Activists from Enfield Stand Up To Racism attend a rally in support of the Stanstead 16, a group that blocked a deportation flight

Lynda Brennan from Enfield Stand Up To Racism on the group’s efforts to oppose racial discrimination in the borough and beyond

The fast growth of Enfield Stand up to Racism (ESUTR) is a response to the sharp rise of racism and fascism in the UK, Europe and across the world.

ESUTR joins with anti-racists from different local organisations and faiths in helping to build this national mass movement. As racist attacks increase everywhere, it is more important than ever that we have a visible and active local campaign group to help resist it. Only when we are ready to stand up together can we fight racism, xenophobia and the far right wherever we find it.

We regularly hold large, popular and inclusive meetings across the borough. We give a platform to different communities to speak up. We are growing our links with community groups and organisations including Edmonton Islamic Centre, British Alevi Centre, the Dugdale Centre, United Reformed Church, Broomfield Festival, and Stage Cafe in Palmers Green.

We have held a number of vigils to mark the tragic loss of life in terror attacks by the far right, wherever they have taken place.

Local Labour MPs Kate Osamor and Bambos Charalambous, plus local councillors and activists, have been among the guest speakers at our meetings. We have had wide-ranging discussions, covering black and minority ethnic (BAME) exclusion, rights for European Union nationals, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, the refugee crisis, the climate emergency, institutional racism, and culture – to name a few! We also host regular stalls where we get people to sign petitions and get involved.

We have been especially active in our work with refugees and we organise solidarity visits with the charity Care4Calais. ESUTR’s recent ‘Refugees Are Welcome Here’ fundraising gig at the Dugdale Centre included many inspirational speakers, such as Rabbi Herschel Gluck talking about the Kindertransport, a young refugee from Pakistan, plus local poets and singers.

We had been planning a large contingent to join in with an international anti-racism demonstration on Saturday 21st March, but this was postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Please be assured, however, that we have not gone away!

The Tory austerity agenda has directed blame for poverty and cuts towards refugees and migrants, while encouraging further division in our society – join ESUTR and you can be part of the resistance. Join us, and you can help build a strong anti-racist movement in Enfield.

For more information about Enfield Stand Up To Racism:
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