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Carole Kuhuma (centre) joined girl group Calyco last year
Carole Kuhuma (centre) joined girl group Calyco last year

Carole Kuhuma from Enfield is making a name for herself as part of an up-and-coming girl band

Music has always been a passion of mine while growing up.

During my time at secondary school, with the help of my music teacher at Oasis Academy Hadley in Ponders End, my musical abilities were developed. I joined the school choir, which was conducted by the R&B and soul artist Jaz Elington, and we were able to support him during his semi-final performance on The Voice UK. We even ended up featuring in American rapper’s song Reach For The Stars, which was an incredible experience!

After secondary school I focused on my A-Levels at Sir George Monoux College in Walthamstow, from there I met awesome friends who were also musically gifted. We usually stayed back after college to create songs. After pursuing a nursing career at Kingston University I realised I still loved singing, so I decided to join in with my church choir at Tottenham Baptist Church, which helped me to train my voice even further.

Last year was a crucial year in my life, as it was when I decided to truly follow my lifelong dream of becoming a full-time singer. My prayers were finally answered when I was approached by producer Harlano Weekes to audition for a new all-female band. Calyco is a five-piece pop and R&B group, with the name formed by the letters of ‎its members’ names. We are five lead singers with five strong personalities.

My favourite part of being in Calyco is having four best friends to share secrets, issues and laughter with. Our dreams are to create number one singles and perform around the world. We are trying to get away from the usual route of reality television, music competitions, and instead connect with new fans by releasing music and videos online. We post individual vlogs on all our social media and we also have an exciting tour set to be scheduled at some point in 2020.

Our debut single Flo was released in February and has already had more than 12,000 views on YouTube – which is so crazy! It is a harmony-tinged mix of trap, reggae, R&B and pop music, and we all share lead vocals. We have so many other tricks up our sleeves, so make sure you follow us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok so you can be involved in our musical journey!

Watch the music video for Calyco’s debut single Flo:

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