Labour holds Enfield seats despite national losses

Feryal Clark gives her victory speech after being elected to represent Enfield North
Feryal Clark gives her victory speech after being elected to represent Enfield North

James Cracknell reports from the general election count at Lee Valley Athletics Centre

All three of Enfield’s parliamentary seats have returned Labour MPs to Westminster, despite a bleak result for the party nationally.

Bambos Charalambous shook off his long-time Conservative rival David Burrowes in Enfield Southgate, winning by a similar margin to his shock victory in 2017 and vowing to “protect constituents from a hard Brexit”.

Enfield North now has a new representative in parliament, Feryal Clark, who won the seat back for Labour after the defection of former MP Joan Ryan earlier this year. Feryal said she was “humbled” to win the seat.

And it’s business as usual in Edmonton where Kate Osamor once again romped home to victory, even though her majority was nearly 9% lower this time around.

Reflecting on a mixed night of emotions, newly-elected Enfield North MP Feryal Clark told the Dispatch: “I fought this campaign as a new candidate, knocking on doors three times a day, and we had hundreds of activists helping us. I took nothing for granted.

“But with another Tory government for five years and a hard Brexit, I have got a huge job to do. I hoped the outcome would be different but I am a fighter and I will fight for Enfield North.”

Feryal is currently a councillor Hackney but she said she now plans to move to Enfield to focus on being a local MP.

Joanne Laban won an increased vote share for the Conservatives in Enfield North, while still being beaten. She said: “The consolation is waking up in the morning with Boris Johnson in Number 10.”

At the end of another closely fought contest in Enfield Southgate, a marginal for many years, Bambos Charalambous said he was “honoured” to win. He told the Dispatch: “I am always cautious on election days but the responses we were getting on the doorstep were very positive. We worked hard.

“Labour needs to reflect on what has happened around the country and not make any rash judgements. Labour’s Brexit message may have been too much for the northern seats and the Tories got their act together.

“I want to see who puts themselves forward but I think there are lots of great candidates [for Labour leader].”

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Bambos had earlier said he was “deeply honoured” to be re-elected by voters who had “rejected the politics of division”.

In defeat, David Burrowes joked that it was now “2-2” between him and Bambos in general election campaigns and wondered if “we should have a decider”. The Conservative candidate added that he was still happy because “the referendum result will now be respected”.

Edmonton saw the biggest fall in the Labour vote share across Enfield’s three seats, but there was never any danger of the constituency turning blue. Kate Osamor said in her victory speech: “Politics has become toxic so I am thankful for a clean fight in Edmonton.

“The problems in this country will get worse with a hard Brexit, but I will continue to fight Edmonton’s corner.”

Rival James Hockney said: “Being a Conservative in Edmonton is a tough challenge but I am humbled to get 10,000 votes. I congratulate Kate.”

The total voter turnout across Enfield for this election was 66.7%, compared to 70.6% in 2017.

Full results


Kate Osamor, Labour: 26,217 votes, 65% (-6.5%)
James Hockney, Conservative: 10,202 votes, 25.3% (+2.2%)
David Schmitz, Liberal Democrats 2,145 votes, 5.3% (+3.4%)
Benjamin Maydon, Green
: 862 votes, 2.1% (+0.7%)
Sachin Sehgal, Brexit Party: 840 votes, 2.1%
Sabriye Warsame, Independent: 75 votes, 0.2%

Turnout: 61.58%

Enfield Southgate

Bambos Charalambous, Labour: 22,923 votes, 48.5% (-3.2%)
David Burrowes, Conservative: 18,473 votes, 39.1% (-3.6%)
Rob Wilson, Liberal Democrats: 4,344 votes, 9.2% (+5.2%)
Luke Balnave, Green: 1,042 votes, 2.2% (+0.6%)
Parag Shah, Brexit Party: 494 votes, 1%

Turnout: 72.34%

Enfield North

Feryal Clark, Labour: 23,340 votes, 51.8% (-6.2%)
Joanne Laban, Conservative: 16,848 votes, 37.4% (+0.5%)
Guy Russo, Liberal Democrats: 2,950 votes, 6.5% (+4.4%)
Isobel Whittaker, Green: 1,115 votes, 2.5% (+1.3%)
Ike Ijeh, Brexit Party: 797 votes, 1.8%

Turnout: 66.15%

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