Little-known park in Ponders End set for revamp

Access and biodiversity improvements promised while Enfield Council also sets out to reduce the area’s flood risk

Enfield Council's visualisation of the newly-named Boundary Brook Park
Enfield Council’s visualisation of the newly-named Boundary Brook Park

A little-known green space along a stream in Ponders End is set to get a revamp thanks to Enfield Council.

Boundary Brook Park – which follows the course of the stream formerly known as ‘Boundary Ditch’ between Sandhurst Road and Woodcote Close – is set for a new, more welcoming entrance, landscaping, flood alleviation and better access to help welcome visitors.

The newly-extended entrance will connect from the main road, transforming a small car park to a safer, visible and vibrant main entrance at Hertford Road.

As part of the improvement project, supported by the Greater London Authority’s Grow Back Greener Fund along with developer contributions, the council aims to “enhance residents’ wellbeing and experience of the park”.

Chinelo Anyanwu, cabinet member for public spaces, culture, and local economy, said: “We know how much our parks mean to the residents in Enfield, particularly those that do not have access to gardens – which is why we want to breathe life back into Boundary Brook Park.

“With more amenity features such as improved footpaths and seating, the park will be focused on encouraging vibrant connections between its biodiversity and the residents.”

The area is said to currently be a flood risk – Hertford Road has been flooded in the past and on some occasions the water has come very close to flooding nearby homes, shops and businesses.

Sustainable drainage measures at the park entrance will be “cleverly designed” with a depression to allow storage of excess rainfall.

Rick Jewell, cabinet member for environment, added: “Recent periods of heavy rainfall have caused a significant impact on the borough, especially in urban areas. To reduce any further impact of flooding in the borough, we are working to implement innovative approaches, like new wetland habitat and river restoration that are also beneficial to our climate.”

Footpath improvements in the park and entrance works in Sandhurst Road were completed last year.