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Victoria Thompson with the latest edition of The Happy News
Victoria Thompson with the latest edition of The Happy News

Victoria Thompson wants Enfield schoolchildren to be inspired by positive news stories

It’s not often that we are inundated with positive news stories. In fact, the news is usually dominated with negativity, only offering a sprinkling of little uplifting gems here and there.

For young people, the last year has been particularly difficult, and we don’t really yet know the impact this has had on their long-term mental health and wellbeing. In the UK, schools are once again closed to most students and have had to battle with the government, unions, worried and scared parents, teachers, not to mention the kids themselves, while staying positive and enthusiastic for the young people in their care.

Having previously worked in education for 14 years, as a secondary school teacher I know all too well how hard it is to stay positive so the students you are teaching are taught in an encouraging environment. Teachers and young people need all the help they can get and, although I’ve now left the teaching profession, I truly believe that our young are extremely important and hugely underrated.

At the beginning of last year, I discovered a newspaper that celebrated “all that’s good in the world” called The Happy News. Set up via a crowdfunded campaign in 2015, the paper is full of colourful and inspiring messages. It didn’t take me long to sign up!

Unfortunately, for schools to get this amazing newspaper for free, two people need to be signed up for a subscription. It could be a great tool for them; I remember being desperate to share positive news stories in morning registrations, but found them hard to source. This newspaper could not only help teachers but also provide positivity for young people.  

So, Dispatch readers, I am asking for your help! I would love to be able to raise money to purchase this “little bit of happiness” for each Enfield school library or learning resource centre, every quarter. I have now set up a fundraising page to achieve just this! Please have a look and donate as little or as much as you can and share with as many people as possible. I know this doesn’t solve many schools’ issues, especially financially, but generosity in small and many forms can have greater outcomes.

Support Victoria’s fundraiser:
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