What you told us about living through the pandemic

The Covid-19 lockdown saw certain activities restricted, including sitting on benches
The Covid-19 lockdown saw certain activities restricted, including sitting on benches

Emma Friddin from Healthwatch Enfield discusses the feedback received from a recent Covid-19 survey

Thank you to all of you who contacted us to share your stories of how coronavirus has impacted your health and wellbeing. In just a short time, more than 150 Enfield residents told us about how life has been during the pandemic.

Even though the Covid-19 outbreak has impacted everyone, people have experienced it in different ways. Almost one in three of you told us that the main issues were problems relating to your mental health and/or not socialising, seeing family and friends, and feeling isolated. You said you were finding it difficult not doing your usual activities and following your normal routines.

Some of you told us that you were also struggling with accessing healthcare, despite messages from the NHS stating if you are worried about your health you need to seek medical advice.

These are the kinds of things we will be feeding back to the people who make decisions around our health and care, as well as making recommendations based on what you have told us. Having begun analysing all your responses, we plan to write an anonymised report about how coronavirus is impacting people in Enfield, with suggestions of what local health and care services can do to help you. We hope to publish this report this month, so do keep an eye out on our website and in our newsletter.

In our survey we also asked you to share any positive experiences you have had during the coronavirus crisis, and many of you did. Some of you told us how “amazing” it has been to see the “acts of kindness towards others” in the local community, explaining that it has been “heart-warming” to see “neighbours look out for each other”.

Some of you also told us that you have “cherished” the opportunity to spend more time with members of your household, doing things you don’t usually have time to do, such as eating meals together, sharing thoughts and feelings, and playing games.

Many of you described how you have embraced technology such as video calling to keep in touch with loved ones outside your household, reading stories with grandchildren and completing virtual quizzes with friends.

As well as having more time to devote to loved ones, some of you explained that you have had more time to look after yourself, enjoying activities such as spending time in the garden, cooking, and baking; activities which are important to keep up when trying to live healthier lifestyles.

Thank you to all of you who responded to our survey and shared your experiences with us. This means that we can, in turn, share this information with key decision makers, so they understand what your main concerns are and what information and support you need.

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