Bike hire scheme launched

One of the 50 new Beryl bike bays, in Cecil Road, Enfield
One of the 50 new Beryl bike bays, in Cecil Road, Enfield

Beryl has selected Enfield as its first London borough, writes James Cracknell

Bikes are now available to hire in Enfield after urban cycling firm Beryl launched its “innovative” scheme in the borough.

Beryl has only previously operated its bike hire scheme in Bournemouth and Hereford but has been in discussions with Enfield Council for the last few months about launching in its first London borough.

The company’s distinctive emerald green bikes can be hired via smartphone apps allowing users to find and unlock them. There are now 50 Beryl cycle bays located across Enfield, although the bikes can also be left elsewhere for an extra charge. Hire costs are 5p per minute.

A previous bike hire scheme in Enfield run by Urbo was not extended beyond an initial trial in early 2018, but Beryl’s co-founder and chief executive Phil Ellis says his company is here to stay. He told the Dispatch: “We have a good relationship with the local authority – they have a really good vision and are particularly serious about improving cycling infrastructure.

“Enfield is a borough where people both live and work, it is not just for commuters into London, so if you get the right infrastructure it can change people’s lives from both an environmental and health perspective.

“The council wants to encourage more people to cycle and naturally we want to have more customers. This not a trial – we are going to be here for years.”

The council’s deputy leader Ian Barnes attended Beryl’s launch event on Friday and said: “They are wonderful bikes, although I did have to adjust my saddle because I’ve got long legs.

“The aim is to encourage people to leave their car at home. There is an obesity problem in Enfield and we want to get more people cycling – Beryl is a piece of the puzzle to help us do that.”

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