Community action to tackle littering

Botany Bay litter pick (credit Botany Bay Farm & Shop)
Volunteers with the rubbish collected at their Botany Bay litter pick last month (credit Botany Bay Farm and Shop)

New voluntary groups set up to help reduce rubbish in public places, reports James Cracknell

Two local businesses have teamed up to help protect the environment in Enfield by setting up new community litter-picking groups.

Chamberlains Estates and Botany Bay Farm and Shop are organising a series of events this year aimed at tackling the problem of littering in the borough.

The first event was held last month and saw volunteers fill up several big bags with rubbish collected in and around the village of Botany Bay, helped by Mick Keeble and daughter Vickie Keeble from Botany Bay Farm and Shop.

More events are now scheduled, with the first Enfield Town litter-pick scheduled for this coming Sunday. Andrew Ryde, a partner at Chamberlains Estates, is helping to organise the new litter-picking groups.

Andrew told the Dispatch: “Bins in local parks are often full and then we get people tying dog waste to tree branches.

“The amount of fly-tipping I see while driving around is awful. People have to book appointments at the moment to use the only recycling centre in the borough and it’s not enough.

“As a community we have to do something. I think once we start cleaning up an area people will hopefully think twice about littering again. When the litter is already there, often people don’t think about it.”

This Sunday’s litter picking session, starting at 9.30am, will meet outside the Chamberlains Estates office in Windmill Hill and then move on to Chase Green and Gentleman’s Row. The events are also supported by national charity Cleanup UK.

Andrew said: “The first event at Botany Bay went really well – we had twelve people volunteering and lots of rubbish collected. Neighbours were meeting neighbours they’ve not met before.

“I think it is something we can replicate and I am going to try and roll it out to other parts of the borough.”

To sign up as a volunteer:
Email [email protected]