Find out who’s standing for election in your ward

The full list of candidates for the Enfield Council election on 5th May has now been revealed

Voters in Enfield will be heading to the polls on 5th May to elect new councillors to represent them on Enfield Council.

New ward boundaries have been drawn up by the Boundary Commission for this election, meaning many voters are living in different wards from the last time an election was held.

There are now 25 wards, up from 21 at the last election, but the same number councillors (63) will be elected. Because of the different size of wards, some voters will only get to pick two candidates, while others will be able to pick three.

A full list of the local election candidates in all 25 of Enfield’s new wards was published this week. Below is a run-down of every candidate in every ward, with the number of councillors to be elected for each highlighted in brackets.

A full preview of the local election can be read here. To find out which ward you live in and where your nearest polling station is, click here.

The new Enfield ward map, proposed to introduced from the 2022 local elections

Arnos Grove (2)

  • Chris Bushill (Liberal Democrat)
  • Joan Bushill (Liberal Democrat)
  • Rodney Campbell (Green)
  • Adrian Grumi (Conservative)
  • Nneka Keazor (Labour)
  • Paul Pratt (Conservative)
  • Mahtab Uddin (Labour)

Bowes (2)

  • Jane Atkinson (Liberal Democrat)
  • Peter Charalambous (Conservative)
  • Ediz Mevlit (Conservative)
  • Gina Needs (Labour)
  • Ahmet Oykener (Labour)
  • Daniel Szymon Stachow (Green)
  • Margaret Joan Steel (Liberal Democrat)

Brimsdown (3)

  • Leval Ayodeji Ainah (Conservative)
  • Mary Anderson (Green)
  • Josh Asker (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
  • Hivran Dalkaya (Labour)
  • Leslie Dubow (Liberal Democrat)
  • Ahmet Hasan (Labour)
  • Tony Kidman (Liberal Democrat)
  • Michael David Lavender (Conservative)
  • Bektas Ozer (Labour)
  • Mark Riley (Liberal Democrat)
  • Stephen Antony Savva (Conservative)

Bullsmoor (2)

  • Kate Anolue (Labour)
  • Christine Ann Bellas (Conservative)
  • Thomas Alan Bellas (Conservative)
  • Gunseli Dogan (Liberal Democrat)
  • Esin Gunes (Labour)
  • Ian David Campbell Pattison (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
  • Isobel Whittaker (Green)

Bush Hill Park (3)

  • Folashade Adeleke (Labour)
  • Ade Adetula (Liberal Democrat)
  • Huseyin Isik Akpinar (Labour)
  • Alexander Bassey (Liberal Democrat)
  • Bevin Betton (Labour)
  • Peter David Fallart (Conservative)
  • Pat Gregory (Conservative)
  • James Andrew Hockney (Conservative)
  • John Henry Martin (Liberal Democrat)
  • Benjamin Charles Maydon (Green)
  • David Leonard Schofield (Reform UK)

Carterhatch (2)

  • Salem Amin Al-Damluji (Conservative)
  • Nawshad Ali (Labour)
  • Susan Erbil (Labour)
  • Foston Malachi Fairclough (Conservative)
  • Mary Keh (Liberal Democrat)
  • Victoria Keh (Liberal Democrat)
  • Robert Stephen Page (Green)

Cockfosters (2)

  • Joe Carberry (Labour)
  • Alessandro Georgiou (Conservative)
  • Bill Linton (Green)
  • Ruby Sampson (Conservative)
  • Paul Shaverin (Labour)
  • Steve Stavrinou (Liberal Democrat)
  • Anne Viney (Liberal Democrat)

Edmonton Green (3)

  • Abdul Abdullahi (Labour)
  • Gunes Akbulut (Labour)
  • Oktay Cinpolat (Independent)
  • Ergin Erbil (Labour)
  • Phivos Joannides (Conservative)
  • Peter John Krakowiak (Green)
  • Regine Lemberger (Liberal Democrat)
  • Paul Meehan (Liberal Democrat)
  • Telesha Reid (Independent)
  • Andi Smith (Conservative)
  • Lupita Turner (Liberal Democrat)
  • Christine Williams (Conservative)

Enfield Lock (3)

  • Arthur Edmund Bishop-Laggett (Conservative)
  • Maxwell Euan Day (Conservative)
  • Paul Andrew Desmonde (Conservative)
  • Suna Hurman (Labour)
  • Sabri Ozaydin (Labour)
  • Bernie Rees (Green)
  • Norman Frank Whitby (Liberal Democrat)
  • Eylem Yuruk (Labour)

Grange Park (2)

  • Luke Ashley Balnave (Green)
  • Chris Dey (Conservative)
  • Chris James (Labour)
  • Hazel Kinsler (Labour)
  • Stuart Laycock (Liberal Democrat)
  • Andy Milne (Conservative)
  • Claire Wilson (Liberal Democrat)

Haselbury (3)

  • Lenuta Abdullah (Liberal Democrat)
  • Clayton Barnes (Conservative)
  • Mahym Bedekova (Labour)
  • Mustafa Cetinkaya (Labour)
  • Hannah Giovanna Dawson (Liberal Democrat)
  • Rebwar Hazhar (Conservative)
  • Richard Morgan-Ash (Liberal Democrat)
  • Alison Claire Phillips (Green)
  • George Savva (Labour)
  • Clare Spring (Conservative)

Highfield (2)

  • Jacqueline Campbell (Conservative)
  • Lauren Fulbright (Liberal Democrat)
  • Tim Leaver (Labour)
  • Darya Paun (Liberal Democrat)
  • Nicola Rose Scott (Green)
  • Nia Stevens (Labour)
  • Tolga Suleyman (Conservative)

Jubilee (3)

  • Chinelo Anyanwu (Labour)
  • Glenn James Breslin (Conservative)
  • Nesil Caliskan (Labour)
  • Alev Cazimoglu (Labour)
  • Rada Graovac (Green)
  • Frank Greene (Conservative)
  • Sherryton Lewis (Independent)
  • Don McGowan (Independent)
  • Samarasiri Leonard Munasinghe (Conservative)
  • Iman Saadoune (Liberal Democrat)
  • Cemal Sazdili (Independent)

Lower Edmonton (3)

  • Anne Bagulay (Conservative)
  • Sinan Boztas (Labour)
  • Guney Dogan (Labour)
  • Elif Erbil (Labour)
  • John Macrory (Liberal Democrat)
  • Aidan Neligan (Liberal Democrat)
  • Joe Phillips (Green)
  • Lindsay Rawlings (Conservative)
  • James Rooke (Liberal Democrat)
  • Dennis Stacey (Conservative)

New Southgate (2)

  • Josh Abey (Labour)
  • Lee Atkinson (Liberal Democrat)
  • Margaret Brady (Conservative)
  • Anne Margaret Brown (Green)
  • Laura Davenport (Green)
  • Nelly Gyosheva (Labour)
  • Kiran Mistry (Conservative)
  • Laura Monk (Liberal Democrat)

Oakwood (2)

  • Brian Cronk (Liberal Democrat)
  • Angie McEvoy (Labour)
  • Tom O’Halloran (Conservative)
  • David Peters (Liberal Democrat)
  • Julian Sampson (Conservative)
  • Karl Vidol (Labour)
  • Kevin James Wilson (Green)

Palmers Green (2)

  • Nicholas Araujo Haojipateras (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
  • Mutlu Beyzade (Liberal Democrat)
  • Basil Thomas Clarke (Green)
  • Ertan Hurer (Conservative)
  • Chris James (Labour)
  • Shyamala Lennon (Conservative)
  • Angela Lewis-Wright (Freedom Alliance)
  • John Brendan Malone (Liberal Democrat)
  • Doug Taylor (Labour)
  • Nicholas John Wall (Green)

Ponders End (2)

  • Nicki Adeleke (Labour)
  • Robert Edward Brassett (Liberal Democrat)
  • Mohammad Amirul Islam (Labour)
  • Andreea Malin (Green)
  • Anupama Esther Prasad (Conservative)
  • Brian Sekitto (Liberal Democrat)
  • Md Main Uddin (Conservative)

Ridgeway (3)

  • Yalcin Aksanoglu (Labour)
  • Zeynep Aksanoglu (Labour)
  • Jeff Evans (Reform UK)
  • Kilary Kidman (Liberal Democrat)
  • Joanne Louise Laban (Conservative)
  • Simon Richard Pearce (Labour)
  • Hugh Macgillivray Small (Green)
  • Edward Michael Ian Smith (Conservative)
  • Alan Stainer (Liberal Democrat)
  • Lorice Stainer (Liberal Democrat)
  • Andrew James Thorp (Conservative)

Southbury (3)

  • Mahmut Aksanoglu (Labour)
  • John Dolan (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
  • Patrick Hewytt Drysdale (Conservative)
  • Ayten Guzel (Labour)
  • Penelope Heathwood (Conservative)
  • Rick Jewell (Labour)
  • Mansoor Arshad Mir (Liberal Democrat)
  • Arben Neza (Conservative)
  • Alexander Rader (Liberal Democrat)
  • Sunaina Rishi (Green)
  • Gwyneth Wesley Rolph (Freedom Alliance)
  • Stephen John Viney (Liberal Democrat)

Southgate (3)

  • Harry Devitt Redmond (Labour)
  • Georgie Elliott-Smith (Green)
  • Charith Gunawardena (Green)
  • Christine Hamilton (Labour)
  • Stephanos Ioannou (Conservative)
  • Chris Joannides (Conservative)
  • Richard Mapleston (Liberal Democrat)
  • Sanjay Mazumder (Liberal Democrat)
  • Diana Medlicott (Liberal Democrat)
  • Elisa Morreale (Conservative)
  • Gary Ogin (Labour)
  • Nigel John Watson (Green)

Town (3)

  • Chris Cole (Labour)
  • Kay Natalie Heather (Green)
  • Ausilia Matraxia Le’Cand-Harwood (Liberal Democrat)
  • Christoper Le’Cand-Harwood (Liberal Democrat)
  • Tim Martin (Liberal Democrat)
  • Sibel Ozcelik (Labour)
  • Jacob Persaud (Labour)
  • Michael Jeremy Rye (Conservative)
  • James Buckley Steven (Conservative)
  • Emma Lucy Supple (Conservative)

Upper Edmonton (3)

  • Tudorel Caracuda (Liberal Democrat)
  • Insaf El-Jaafari (Liberal Democrat)
  • Thomas Fawns (Labour)
  • David Christopher Flint (Green)
  • Margaret Greer (Labour)
  • Doris Jiagge (Labour)
  • Daniel Pearce (Conservative)
  • Hifjur Rahman (Conservative)
  • Sahar Saami (Liberal Democrat)
  • Rachel Shawcross (Conservative)

Whitewebbs (3)

  • Rob Aaron-Wilson (Liberal Democrat)
  • Deborah Frances Cairns (Reform UK)
  • Hannah Geraldine Dyson (Conservative)
  • Nishan Dzhingozyan (Labour)
  • Reece Anthony Charles Fox (Conservative)
  • Mira Glavardanov (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
  • Stephen Henry Hennessy (Green)
  • Ayfer Orhan (Liberal Democrat)
  • Guy Russo (Liberal Democrat)
  • David James Skelton (Conservative)
  • Dave Wood (Labour)
  • Hass Yusuf (Labour)

Winchmore Hill (2)

  • Maria Alexandrou (Conservative)
  • Carl Bayliss (Labour)
  • Lee Chamberlain (Conservative)
  • Matt McLaren (Liberal Democrat)
  • Jonathan Molloy (Green)
  • Mark Quinn (Labour)
  • Andy Stainton (Liberal Democrat)

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