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Damien Mosley on the concept behind Indie Novella, a new North London publishing platform

Damien Mosley, founder of independent publisher Indie Novella
Damien Mosley, founder of independent publisher Indie Novella

Last month saw the exciting launch of our new volunteer-led independent publisher and social enterprise, Indie Novella.

Based in North London, Indie Novella is a publisher and bookseller with a difference. What’s unique is that it’s run solely by authors, editors and graphic designers, all one community and all keen to democratise publishing and encourage more diversity and inclusion in the sector.

We saw there was a big gap in the market and we realised that the biggest single barrier both preventing new authors being published and people from different backgrounds becoming authors, was the financial barrier. Writing courses cost a fortune and literary consultancies make false promises on how to ‘hook an agent’.

We were founded on the principle of making publishing more inclusive and accessible. We simply want to help great authors writing unique, edgy stories get published. And help promising authors become great authors.

One example is Southgate’s Alex Woolf, whose novel Mr Jones is among Indie Novella’s first releases. Alex is an acclaimed author of books for young adults and has previously written a number of novels, including Chronosphere, The Shakespeare Plot, and Iron Sky.

Mr Jones is Alex’s first novel for adults, a psychological thriller about a single parent who fears someone is out to kidnap their child. Alex says: “It’s about a stressed-out suburban single father called Ben whose eight-year-old daughter, Imogen, starts receiving messages from someone claiming to be her missing mother.

“The question is, how much of Ben’s fears are real and how much are a result of his own stress-induced paranoia?”

As a commitment to our independence, at Indie Novella we try to steer potential readers away from Amazon and to buying our novels either direct from our website or through, where you can collect it from your local bookshop. And as part of being a social enterprise, we run a fully-funded and completely free online writing course, and have an open submissions page.

Find out more about Indie Novella and Alex Woolf’s novel Mr Jones: