Hitting the right notes

A new children’s choir in Enfield is proving popular, writes Regan O’Mahony

Young Notes

Children from Young Notes, a new pop choir based in Enfield

As a teacher, my passion for the arts led me to head school singing assemblies, teach the choir, and produce large school productions.

This was where my passion lay; I love to help young people discover the joy of performing and watching them grow their talent and confidence – and this was where the idea for Young Notes Pop Choir first came about.

I knew young people loved to sing and that they idolised their favourite pop stars. The idea of Young Notes was to create a cool and inclusive choir, but with a difference.

I was raised single-handedly by my mother, who is deaf, and I have taught many deaf children in a mainstream setting as well. I am passionate about inclusion (my mother is an inclusion trainer now) and I knew that this had to be reflected in any business that I ran.

I decided that Young Notes would be inclusive and open to all. I also made a decision to use British Sign Language (BSL) in some of our songs so that our performances could be enjoyed by both deaf and hearing people.

Young Notes first opened its doors in January 2017. We started our first class in Enfield with about five members; we now have nearer 90 and counting!

It has grown very quickly and we now run classes for children aged from four to 18 years, three days a week. Monday and Tuesday sessions are in Enfield, while on Wednesday we run classes in Loughton, Essex.

We are not a traditional choir at all, which is why we have adopted the hashtag: #NotYourAverageChoir. We believe music is for everyone and sessions are lively and fun. However, our members are still taught vocal and performance techniques.

The children who attend our sessions grow in confidence very quickly. We have a child who initially came to us as a selective mute and was shy and unsure at first. She is now chatting away to us, singing solos and performing on large stages! This is why we love what we do so much.

When children join Young Notes, there is no obligation to participate in any performances but there are lots of performance opportunities if you wish to participate.

Last year, our choir were asked to appear on the CITV show Scrambled and this year our children were invited to audition for the new John Lewis and Waitrose commercial – one of our members was even selected to feature in it!

Recently, we have been asked to perform at Nightingale Cancer Trust’s outdoor cinema screening of The Greatest Showman at Lee Valley White Water Rafting Centre, near Waltham Cross, which we are very excited about!

Following the success of Young Notes, we have now opened our own inclusive performing arts school, the Young Talent Academy, at Dugdale Centre in Enfield. Weekly classes consist of an hour each of dance, singing, and drama. We have a great team of specialist staff working with us at and it’s going to be something really special.

If you would like more information on Young Notes Pop Choir or to book a free trial at Young Talent Academy:

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