Making connections

A new voluntary services partnership has been launched in Enfield, writes Jean Passley

Enfield Connections

Jean Passley and Fehintola Kolawole

Enfield Connections was launched in April and forms part of a strategic approach by Enfield Council to transforming the voluntary and community sector.

As a funding titan, the council is trying to support vulnerable residents to stay healthy, informed and able to manage themselves better with confidence, so that when they do need public services theysecan be assessed more accurately and effectively and in a more timely manner.

Enfield Connection operates as a partnership service overseen by Community Barnet and delivered through Mind in Enfield, Citizens Advice Enfield, Enfield Disability Action, Age UK Enfield, and the Homeless Resource Centre.

Mind in Enfield is the front door of Enfield Connections and receives all telephone calls and emails for the service. They will talk to you and try to understand what advice and information you need.

Citizens Advice Enfield provides a dedicated adviser for vulnerable and disabled people. You can access this service by appointment only. They also offer support for British Sign Language users through their website.

Enfield Disability Action provides volunteering opportunities for vulnerable and disabled people and supports volunteers to have increased employment opportunities by providing training, which enhances their skill sets and practical knowledge.

The Homeless Resource Centre provides counselling and support to its users through a facilitative tool called the Emotional Health Check, which both the council and Enfield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are enthusiastic in using as part of a broader wellbeing offer.

Age UK Enfield is delivering a later life planning service, providing information and awareness for people aged 55 and over, to help them prepare for the later stages of life. The charity will do this by going out into the community and meeting people, as it is critical not to rely on putting plans in place after a life-changing event occurs.

We are really excited about this service – it is a bold move by the council to get members of the voluntary sector working collaboratively to provide a range of services. We believe that partnership working is the only way forwards as a community, and the best way to improve the wellbeing and health of all residents.

To find out more about Enfield Connections, contact a friendly member of the Mind in Enfield team:
Call 020 3960 0129
Email [email protected]