To Zinfinity and beyond

Enfield jewellery maker Zoe White on the inspiration behind her brand Zinfinity

Zoe White makes and sells her own handmade jewellery
Zoe White makes and sells her own handmade jewellery

In case no-one told you today, you are fabulous!

I’m all about the happy. As a designer-maker, I made the bold decision to create inclusive and sensory jewellery. The fashion world is still so old-fashioned, it only seems to design for one type of person.

I make my jewellery fit your body and your needs, because I believe you are perfect as you are. While I carry a little stock, for those who need last-minute gifts, or to sell at on-the-day events, most of my jewellery is made to order. You choose the metal, size, material, colour – all to make you feel as fabulous as you are. Jewellery should fit you and not the other way around.

There is something about jewellery that makes us feel happy. We feel pride wearing jewellery; a tiny piece can hold so much emotion within it, making it far more precious than its core materials. I believe that jewellery can be interactive, exploring the senses of smell, sight and touch.

My jewellery is more than the sum of its parts. Everything has a message, a meaning or a story behind it, for you to hold. Mine is a personal service.

I’m an inclusive jeweller. This is a term that many people don’t seem to understand. Inclusive means for all, so no-one is left out. I make bracelets that can be put on one-handed; jewellery that uses Braille with empowering words; rings that can be worn with arthritic fingers. I particularly like my magnetic clasps; this means you can put on bracelets and necklaces by yourself. Why should we have to live with someone to put on a piece of jewellery? I think we have evolved beyond that.

I also run super fun creative workshops for all ages and abilities. Being creative is fun and we are all creative, even if we don’t think we are. We make lots of creative decisions in a day; what clothes to wear, how to decorate your home, and even those doodles you do while on a boring Zoom call!

A huge range of creative workshops can be found on my website, Zinfinity. All are about teaching a skill and helping the participants express themselves. I’m not about right and wrong – I believe in learning, exploring and everyone having fun.

During the pandemic, because I couldn’t hold in-person workshops, I also created craft packs so you can be creative at home in your own time. They cover a range of materials, subjects and budgets.

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