Black blood donors needed

Barney Kiddle from Community Barnet on the charity’s drive to find more black blood donors in Enfield

Just one in 100 black people are signed up as blood donors
Just one in 100 black people are signed up as blood donors

We are working with NHS Blood and Transplant to engage with black communities in Enfield to encourage more residents to give blood and help save the lives of thousands of patients.

Black donors are specifically needed right now because of lifelong blood conditions such as sickle cell and thalassaemia. These commonly affect individuals from black backgrounds – only 1% of whom are registered blood donors.

Regular blood transfusions are required to treat these conditions, which is more likely to succeed if the blood closely matches the patient’s blood type. Unfortunately the NHS is currently running critically low on blood donations.

Because of pressures from Covid-19, figures show that 40,000 black donors are needed, of which 16,000 are needed just to meet the demand for those suffering from sickle cell disease.

Community Barnet is working with local organisations throughout Enfield, engaging with local community organisations to raise awareness and encourage black residents to donate blood. Giving blood is simple and easy, and once you have registered on the Give Blood website, all you have to do is make an appointment or visit a drop-in session.

For most people, giving blood is a fun and fulling way of protecting the health of their community.

So could you help make a difference today?

Register and book a blood donation appointment:
Call 0300 123 23 23

Get in touch with Community Barnet:
Call 020 8364 8400
Email [email protected]