Let’s green Green Lanes

Green Lanes in Palmers Green
Green Lanes is currently devoid of greenery, but is set to benefit from new potted trees

Däna Burstow from Palmers Green Action Team on the plan to install street trees in the area

We have a long-term vision for a green corridor linking Broomfield Park with Hazelwood Recreation Ground.

At the moment, Green Lanes – ironically – has almost no green. Trees planted in the ground are not possible because two gas mains run along both sides of the street but, to make a start, in the autumn Palmers Green Action Team (PGAT) is bringing at least two trees in pots to the high street.

This is thanks to a grant from the Mayor of London’s ‘Make London’ programme, which will pay for at least two beautiful potted trees. The team has had great community support and that is what persuaded the mayor to back it. With some more donations, we could buy more!

PGAT is a voluntary, community organisation and we have been working for the last couple of years to help Green Lanes be as successful and as attractive as it can be. As people use local shops more, rather than commuting into London, we want to make the high street as attractive as possible, to improve the economy and make people’s shopping experience more enjoyable. Trees are relaxing and improve people’s sense of wellbeing.

We hope this will be the start of a green chain between Broomfield Park and Hazelwood Rec, allowing birds, butterflies and other pollinators to cross from east to west across Green Lanes. It will bring some biodiversity and beauty to the high street by planting pretty pollinator-friendly plants around the base of the trees.

Thor’s Trees, a local business, has generously volunteered to help physically plant the trees and manage their important ongoing tree care. Volunteers are also lining up to help with watering and lower-level planting.

The pots have been chosen because they have been seen in action at King’s Cross and still look good years after they were installed, so can withstand being in a public place. The locations have been selected to ensure they do not inconvenience pedestrians, cyclists or drivers.

Green Lanes is blessed with attractive buildings and a variety of independent shops and cafés, many of which have struggled with closures during the pandemic. Thanks to all the local funding, including a generous donation from Sole D’Oro Pizzeria, the team can plan for three trees and, if you would like to help the campaign fund a fourth tree, please visit the Spacehive page and make a pledge!

Donate towards the Green Lanes street trees campaign:
Visit spacehive.com/bring-trees-to-palmers-green-high-street

For more information about Palmers Green Action Team:
Visit palmersgreenactionteam.org/