Mum’s the word

Some of the mums who take part in MumSing sessions on Mondays at St Stephen's Church Hall
Some of the mums who take part in MumSing sessions on Mondays at St Stephen’s Church Hall

Sophia Hutchinson on what led her to start popular local choir MumSing

A day in the life of a mum is pretty much the same everywhere; wake up really early, tidy, sort out breakfast and lunch for the children, spend half-an-hour trying to get them out of bed, another half-hour getting them showered and ready to leave, and 20 minutes getting them out the door, only to find one hasn’t brushed their teeth!

After the morning school run we also still have to clean, cook, look after the little ones not yet in school, do the laundry, iron uniforms, pay the bills, attend appointments; the list goes on. Despite all that, some mums today now also find time to be amazing at the things they love.

Three years ago I realised I wanted to do the thing I love as well. I wanted to do the thing that, after years of doubting myself and comparing myself to others, I had finally accepted I was good at.

I grew up in a Christian denomination that prided itself on musical excellence. My father was always singing in church and in choirs, starting ensembles which my sister and I would get dragged into – we’d sing hymns most evenings.

I took everything I learned for granted – I’d never known life without music, nor realised many people didn’t have access to it. I’d always been surrounded by amazing singers and so I’d always felt I wasn’t quite as good.

Eventually I realised the thing I’m good at is what I loved all along; choirs and harmonies. I wanted to share what I’ve taken for granted. The problem with choirs is that they’re usually in the evenings, and as a mum evenings are precious and babysitters are expensive.

MumSing is a morning choir for mums and any little ones not yet at school. It was born out of a necessity for me to do what I love, at a time of day that did not impact upon my family. I soon realised that there would be many mums looking for just the same thing.

The first session in January 2018 was very encouraging. However, it slowed down, until we only had three or four mums turning up. I nearly gave up, but those women who were coming were kind, encouraging, and inspiring. They too were combining motherhood with running their own projects from home. They spurred me to keep going in the belief that MumSing would grow. And they were right!

Now I have a wonderful group attending regularly. Our mums are fantastic; they’re funny, talented, generous. There’s journalists, professional dancers, home educators, night nannies, graphic designers, editors, teachers, and mums simply busy being the world to their little ones.

MumSing Enfield member Kathryn, who comes with her little boy, said: “I joined as I love to sing and – for once – wanted to do something for myself, where I could bring my little one along.”

MumSing Enfield meets at 10am on Mondays at St Stephen’s Church Hall in Park Avenue. Find out more: