Giving young people’s careers a kick start

Heather Collier from Loving Social Media on how the Enfield business is using a government scheme to help young people into work

Garry Kousoulou, director of Loving Social Media (left), with some of the young people he has helped via the government's Kickstart scheme
Garry Kousoulou, director of Loving Social Media (left), with some of the young people he has helped via the government’s Kickstarter scheme

For the past seven months, Loving Social Media has helped support the launch of the government’s £2billion Kickstart Scheme to help young people into employment following the pandemic.

Situated in the heart of Enfield, Loving Social Media is dedicated to supporting small businesses that reflect local living and local people. With the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic and the financial difficulties that businesses and young people are facing, we thought it was only right to do our bit – for young people in Enfield and across the UK.

The scheme is designed to help 16–24-year-olds who are at risk of long-term unemployment, while also aiming to support businesses. By hiring a young person to complete a six-month placement, businesses on the scheme provide them with a crucial learning experience in the workplace – covered completely by the government for a maximum of 25 hours per week – and use them to rejuvenate the business at no cost.

Employers of all sizes are eligible to the scheme, as long as they can prove the role that they are offering is new, separate from the main operations of the business, and that they have not made any recent redundancies or placed any staff on furlough.

Enfield’s Garry Kousoulou, director of Loving Social Media, plus Socially Sorted founder Carole Fossey, who is based in Manchester, are offering social media training to young people hired via Kickstart. Through a series of online learning, virtual events and group mentoring, each ‘Kickstarter’ receives a masterclass in digital marketing, so that they can help build their employer’s online brand. Thanks to Garry and Carole’s partnership, each Kickstarter has become an expert in creating exciting content such as graphics, video, blogging and more.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak recently announced that the scheme will be extended until March next year, allowing more businesses to fill new roles without any financial strain. If you are interested in taking part, our team at Loving Social Media can assist you with the application process, fill out each form for you accordingly, and help you secure your place with the Department for Work and Pensions so you can get the ball rolling.

One of our Kickstarters, Hannah, told us how valuable the experience has been for her. She said: “I started my Kickstarter journey just over three months ago and I have found it to be the best decision I have made.

“Carole and Garry have set up the perfect training, it was fun and educational while also being hugely supportive.”

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