Musical phantasy

Palmers Green musician and artist Patrick Samuel invites residents to see his latest live show

Patrick Samuel, also known as the 'Asperger Artist'
Patrick Samuel, also known as the ‘Asperger Artist’

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved Labyrinth. I would watch it over and over again just to hear the songs, see the wonderful characters and feel the magic from the film.

Actually, it’s something I still do to this very day. For me, the magic of David Bowie and Jim Henson never dies.

When I was planning my latest live show, ‘Phantasm’, I knew I wanted my main inspiration to come from the 1986 film starring Bowie, who passed away six years ago. It promises to be a spectacular live extravaganza that combines my love for cult movies with my new songs – including my trademark flair for post-punk and goth-rock sensibilities, with exciting costumes and dazzling lights!

Following a spate of live shows across Enfield in 2021, including my ‘Live and Undead’ show for Halloween and ‘Ghosts of Christmas’ tour, I will be bringing Phantasm to Culture Palace in Enfield Town for one night only.

I really want to start the year with something magical and unforgettable and I think what I’ve put together is a unique statement on how an autistic person can relate to the world and communicate the things they love about being part of it.

There will be new songs I’ve written, with nods to the influences I’ve embraced along the way; not just in music, but also film (Bowie, Tim Burton, Batman Returns, The Cure, Siouxsie & The Banshees).

It’s about taking those influences and feeding them through the prism of autism and creating something else entirely – that’s what Phantasm ultimately is about, and I hope the community will come and experience it.

Hopefully I can help people keep those January blues at bay!

Phantasm takes place on Thursday 13th January from 7.30pm at Culture Palace in Palace Gardens Shopping Centre, Enfield Town. Entry is free but booking is advised. For more information: